Patty and Friends (Recheck 072217)

July 22, 2017 – St. Petersburg

Brandy, Sarah, Michelle
Paranormal Pugs, Odysseus and Achilles, brought with permission
Sheree, manager, Patty and Friends

“New” events at Patty & Friends (Reported by Sharee): 
Shortly after work began on the “Red House”(about 2 months ago?), I opened the store and while I was closing and locking the door behind me, and saw a distinct “figure” that appeared to be walking out of the case to the east of the lobby (from the area of the parking lot). The figure proceeded to walk back into the rooms on the east part of the building.

About a week after that, I heard a female voice and laughter coming from the area on the east side of the building. I checked to see if anyone was upstairs in the offices, and nobody was there.
Last week, after I opened and before anyone else was in the store, I heard a woman singing in that same area. No words – just more of a “la la la” and humming. 

This week (Tuesday) I was talking with one of my dealers in the lobby. I was behind the desk. She was sitting on the chair by the door. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw something white (blur) move toward the cases on the east side of the lobby. I thought it might be an aura related to the migraine I’ve had this week until the dealer asked me if I “saw the white triangle blur go by”. This particular dealer has never seen or felt anything here before this, but she mentioned that when she went upstairs the other day, she had a strong feeling of someone following her/watching her. [Area where figure was seen entering the building at left.  There is a boarded up door behind the cabinet].

A few customers have commented on the spirits upstairs. A couple people felt a female presence as well as the usual male presence upstairs. I’ve noticed that there is definitely a feeling of an “additional” person/presence up there.

Both Sarah and I have heard what sounds like items falling in “The Tinkerer room”, and when going to check there is nothing on the floor, fallen over, etc. There have been some other similar noises in other parts of the 1st floor of the store, with nothing appearing to have fallen, nothing broken, etc. 

There was the strong scent of lilies in the area where the cases of figurines are located a few times in the past few months. This is a new location for that event.

The power went out yesterday due to a lightning strike and it had gotten stuffy and kind of “stale” smelling in the lobby. I jokingly said we need someone to spray something to get rid of the smell. About 5 minutes after the electricity came back on, there was a definite smell of lilies in the lobby that seemed to be coming from the area near the steps.

Sarah is a bit more freaked out by the events when they happen, and it seems that the spirits are less likely to do stuff when she is here alone. When we’ve both been here, there have been sounds of items falling, etc. We both feel that maybe they want to make sure she knows they are here, but are trying to avoid scaring her.

SPIRITS Reports:

First walk through with pugs:

Sarah (not the same as mentioned in the manager’s notes above): 
I didn’t really pick up too much. Right when we walked in, I kept getting drawn to the upstairs, even though I didn’t know that there was one. That is where I felt we were being drawn. I didn’t pick up too much down here. I had some dizziness in a couple of the rooms but that was about it.  Upstairs, I got a female, 30s to 40s, motherly. Her hair was up in a bun, a style like the early 1920s. She looked like a maid or a housewife. I kept picking up on children, something tied in with the woman. In the front room upstairs I got a family feeling. I got the idea of children or children playing, or something along those lines. [See portrait at left].

There was a picture of a woman in the room upstairs which is what I really saw in my vision of this woman. When we went up to it I felt the hairs go up on my arm. I picked up with a name starting with an “A”.

In the back rooms on the first floor, I heard grunting. Not sure if it was the pugs or the floors. At the stairs on the cabinet on the left stairs, my heart thumped. As we were walking to the back, down the hall, I thought I heard music and it turns out that the radio was on. Upstairs, I got a male voice on one of the back rooms on the back side, by the room with a lot of children’s clothing. When we were all in the room, standing still, the floor groaned as if something had stepped in with us. I saw flickering shadows on the stairs, but could be reflections of cars. 

When we arrived, the two pugs were immediately excited and took off to the right of the store. They showed no fear. I followed them and had to get caught up and organized they took off so quickly.  (Achilles and Odysseus pictured on site at left).

First room on the left:
Temp: 75.5, EMF 2.0
Question: Is anyone here? If so, will you please make the EMF meter spike? (No response)
Pugs: No fear

Second room on the left:
Temp: 73, EMF 1.0
Question: Is anyone here? If so, will you please make the EMF meter spike? (No response)
Pugs: No fear

Third room on the left:
Temp: 73.7, EMF 1.8
Question: Is anyone here? If so, will you please make the EMF meter spike? (No response)
Pugs: No fear

Fourth room on the left:
Temp: 71, EMF 1.5
Question: Is anyone here? If so, will you please make the EMF meter spike? (No response)
Pugs: No fear

Temp: 73.7, EMF 2.0
Question: Is anyone here? If so, will you please make the EMF meter spike? (No response)
Pugs: No fear

Left side of the store:

Entering the store part: Cabinet to the left had EMF that waivered

First room on the right:
Temp: 78, EMF 2.2
Question: Is anyone here? If so, will you please make the EMF meter spike? (No response)
Pugs: No fear

Second room on the right:
Temp: 80.5, EMF 3.0
Question: Is anyone here? If so, will you please make the EMF meter spike? (No response)
Pugs: No fear

Temp: 81, EMF 2.0
Question: Is anyone here? If so, will you please make the EMF meter spike? (No response)
Pugs: No fear

End room on the right:
Temp: 85, EMF (note only says “low”)
Question: Is anyone here? If so, will you please make the EMF meter spike? (No response)
Pugs: No fear

Rooms 2/3 before end room on the right:
Temp: 85 to 83.5, EMF .6
Question: Is anyone here? If so, will you please make the EMF meter spike? (No response)
Pugs: No fear

EMF: 6
Temp: A/C on in this room
Pugs: no fear
Question: No response on meter

Stairs: I had to carry the pugs up the stairs. They refused to go on their own, but I think it is because they have no stairs at home. They have done this at other locations with stairs over the years. 
A/C on
EMF .6
Temperature: 79
Pugs okay one second floor.
No response to question.

Sarah noted that she sensed a female at the stairs in her 30s or 402, motherly, linked to children, and a name with an “A”. This happened as she got near the photograph that was located on the second floor in the room before the porch. She got chills by the photo, and I did, too.

EMF: .8
Temp: 82.5 – 83 with a/c on.
Question: No response
Pugs: No fear

Room 1 on the other side:
Temp: 78, EMF 1.0
Question: Is anyone here? If so, will you please make the EMF meter spike? (No response)
Pugs: No fear

Room 2 on the other side:
Temp: 79-80, EMF 1.2
Question: Is anyone here? If so, will you please make the EMF meter spike? (No response)
Pugs: No fear

I had to carry the pugs back down the stairs. Achilles, in particular was very upset to go downstairs and was braced against me as I carried him downstairs.
Discussion: Wondered if the pugs caused a problem because we had so little response to the phenomena. We opted to do second walk through while Shari watched the pugs. 

Sarah: I felt like whatever it is, drawn to the owner. 

Michelle: I felt like this was a familiar place, as if I had been here before. 

Shari: I have more action around here since I’ve worked here. Recently, I had an experience when I was talking to one of my dealers and one of my dealers turned and said “Oh my God, did you see that, the white thing that had walked by”. We both saw it. She told me that a day or so later that she went upstairs and she felt like somebody was watching her or following her when she was upstairs. 

Brandy: I don’t know if the pugs are changing things. Sarah and Michelle: Maybe a bit of a nervous energy of sorts. Not sure if the pugs are hindering things.

Michelle opted to get an amulet of oil that she had brought with her to see if it would aid the entities, particularly the Tinkerer, to communicate with us. 

Michelle had noted a radio playing during our first walk through. It had gone silent while we were discussing the information. I asked about the radio, as we had found it located at the top of a shelf high at the end of a hallway. No one had turned it off. Apparently, it goes from clear radio station to static, from loud to soft throughout the day.

Second walk through without pugs:

We opted to go back and try the right side of the house again. We went into the area of the Tinkerer and started to ask questions. Sure enough, the temperature started to go down. It started at 78 and dropped to 76; it shifted back and forth between 76.1 and 76.4. It also spiked several times going up to 78.5. It repeatedly dropped .1 degree each time we asked it to. At one point, Brandy felt a wall of cold around her. The Tinkerer’s energy is palpable – it ebbs and flows along with the temperature in the room. She felt like energy was being pulled from her hands, which has happened on at least one investigation before. At one point, Shari appeared with the two pugs. She said that they had been very calm and well behaved when they both suddenly got up and moved in unison toward where the group was. She opted to follow. The pugs seemed to be pretty settled once they were in with us. (This is the area where the temperature dropped, shown at left.  My thermometer was focused on the area near the lamp and under the boombox).

EVP in Tinkerer’s area (picture above) plus two temp drops on request (below).

Did you live here?  No.

We went back upstairs without the pugs. This time the second floor was very active.

Temperature Drop
Temperature Drop two

Brandy: When we first got up there, I smelled a perfume. I thought Sarah was wearing something, though I had not smelled it before. The aroma started right at the top of the stairs to the left, near the inside of the first room. I asked the others if they were wearing perfume, starting with Sarah since she had just passed me. The answer there was no. The aroma came and went in the first room to the right, though it was much fainter. The aroma was kind of sweet but also earthy. We found out after the second walk through that one of the newer manifestations of the ghosts upstairs was a perfume smell that came and went.  

Sarah and Michelle both sensed the woman’s presence. She seemed to be drawn to the jewelry and the clothing. Sarah still sensed the children; on a prior investigation 4 years ago, a child was also sensed in approximately the same area. Some thought that she was attached to an item in the store and that she played pranks, moved around, etc. 

EVPs with the Seamstress (upstairs):
Are you the seamstress?  Yeah. (Cleaned up above)

We walked around the second floor and at one point, when we were getting nearer to the staircase, Brandy heard a murmuring:

Brandy: I honestly thought that someone was at the foot of the stairs talking softly. I thought it might be Shari with the pugs – that they had pulled away from her or were looking for me. The voice was female, soft. I heard no one in reply to it. [We learned later that Shari had not left with the pugs; they stayed in the lobby. The voice would not carry to the second floor from that area]. The first time I heard just one word, a single syllable. The second time was more like a longer conversation.

Sarah and Michelle felt that the female was trying to communicate with us, but that she was just too weak a presence. She had used up a lot of energy letting us know that she was here. 

Talking about the story of an investigation where one investigator “swore” that they heard music playing.  Listen for the soft “mmmhhhhmmmm” in the middle.

We went back downstairs and did the last stretch where, in prior investigations, we had gotten an EVP years before. Sarah saw a male manifest briefly. He had a wrinkled face, was 5 foot 8 or 9, and was wearing outdoor clothes (like coveralls or a mechanic’s outfit). He had a cigarette hanging out of his mouth. We think it may be the Tinkerer moving around the store. 

We went downstairs. Shari did say that Odysseus had gotten restless and growled/lightly barked while we were gone. She also heard movement coming from the area of the Tinkerer (left of the store). This was not unusual – others had head the noises there, too.

Overall, it was successful. The pugs, instead of bringing energy to the case, seemed to be more of a distraction for this location. However, we still managed to have the temperature changes, pugs did have two interactions, perfume smells, voices, shuffling sounds and 2 of the 3 ghosts manifest.  We did discuss the thrid ghost — how Shari sees him manifest in a vintage seersucker suit (he wears a hat, though his is more of a Cuban-styled outdoor hat from the 1920s) (see image found on Google, below):

7/25/2017:  Report from Shari

Also, I just had two people in the store, and as I was walking from the back past the Tinkerer’s room, I saw someone in there an thought it was them. Then I came out and saw that they were on the other side of the store. This time, the shirt appeared to be dark green (which is why I thought it was the customer since she was wearing a teal green shirt), and light color blue jeans. I’m surprised that the spirits are apparently becoming much more comfortable in showing themselves during the day. 

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