Private Residence

March 3, 2017 – St. Petersburg


6:40 PM

Present: Susan and Brandy 

Notes on investigation: 

Susan: My first impression started when I was on the porch and it was an older male entity. He is a protector. He watches the house and he’s curious about who comes in and out. If he lived here, and I think he did at one time as he is associated with this house, he would be looking outside on the walkway. He does not appreciate your design style. He makes me laugh a bit, but he’s a grumpy old man. He’s not mean, but he’s a caretaker. He has free reign in the house. He, no matter which room, he has access to it. I point that out because there are two others here that may have access, but they don’t go beyond certain points. That was primarily in the living room, dining area, front door area. He does not like the floor in the older daughter’s room. (He was like, “Look what they did to this beautiful floor”). He may have come with the original house, maybe a first owner. He is attached to the house. He is very opinionated. He mumbles to himself.  
The second one is an older man. I feel that he was brought in to the house, he was attached to something. He may be with a family heirloom. He stays in the back part of the house, and the front bedroom. (Younger daughter’s room). The older man in the first floor (back) of the house is a family connection.  
In the kitchen is the older woman, she is in the whole front area. She keeps peace with the men here. If they get into a disagreement she keeps the peace. These older men don’t really fight, but they are two grumpy old men who disagree when they discuss something. She cooks, but doesn’t understand the microwave. I don’t feel a family connection. It doesn’t mean that there isn’t one. She reminds me of a traditional Italian mother who has everything in control.  

There is nothing that is bad, but just these three entities. 

There was nothing in the bathroom. The older man (first) thinks that the tub is odd. 

The first room I heard the word “tradition” that seems to follow the younger daughter. It’s how the older man views her.  

Question to daughter: Have you seen a dark figure in there?

Answer: I don’t sleep in there often because when I do I feel like something is watching me. But, yeah, I have seen a shadowy figure.  

Q:  Have you seen it in the mirror?

Answer: Yes, I had taken the light out at night. I went into my mirror to get something. I saw a black figure standing behind me by the window. I decided it was time to get out of the room.  
Don’t be afraid of it. I think that person watches over you. He looks over you like his child, almost. He’s not bad. The first older gentleman doesn’t go into the room and has no opinion about it. I don’t know why. He does come out of the room and he stands in the front part of the house and near the archway in the entryway.

Daughter: There was one night when there was a thunderstorm. My Mom was coming home late that night. I was sleeping on a couch that let me see down the hall. I woke up and looked down that way and there was a dark figure. 

Q: Does the cat stare at things? 

A:  Yeah, sometimes. She’ll do nothing, then stop and stare at something. Every now and again, she’ll run to the front of the house. 

There is a kitten and a maltese-yorki mix – the kitten is always running around and always ready to attack things all the time. The dog will start barking at something. Daughter; I’ll be home for a period of time and I’ll be upstairs with the dog and he’ll hear something and freak out.

Q: Who gets their hair tugged?
A : My older daughter says that she gets pushed in her sleep. She seems to be the most sensitive. 

Susan: I think it’s the older man and I think he’s being playful. He isn’t being mean but playful.  
I felt like some felt someone sat on the bed. I also get the impression that you can hear footsteps or the floor creaking when no one is here. The woman in the kitchen also told me to take my shoes off.  

EMF in the house is low and fairly steady. 
Temperature: First floor had cool at the bottom and warmer at the top.  
I did ask questions with the meter that were consistent: I asked four things: Are you present? Are you male? Female? Did you live here? When? 1920s, 30s, 40s, 50s, 60, 70s, 80s, 90s, 2000-beyond?

Living room:  EMF .0
Temperature 73 at floor to 76 at ceiling.
EMF:  1)  Present (spike, chills)

2)  Female?  Spike 
Male?  None

3)  Live in the house?  Spike

4)  Did you live here in the 1920s (Spike)
2000 – beyond

Kitchen:  EMF:  .0
72 – 76
1) No
2) No
3) No
4) Spiked only on 1990s

Dining room:
1)  Present (spike)
2) No
3) No
4) No

Front room
EMF: .2
Temp: 74 – 76
1) No
2) No
3) No
4)  Spikes 1990s (twice)

Daughter’s room:
EMF: .2
Temp:  67 – 73 (floor to ceiling)
1) Present (Spike, 2 times)
2)  Female (Spike)
3) No
4) No
Felt colder, chills

Back reading room:
EMF: .2
Temp 71 – 73
1) No
2) Male (BIG spike)
3) Live here (small spike)
4) No

67 – 73

EMF: .2
Temp:  67 – 73
Aroma — cologne, spicy

Second Floor:
Wireless Router producing a lot of EMF
Temp is 73 degrees
There was an incense burner but the incense there was not the same smell I had downstairs.

1) No
2) No
3) No (though light flickered)
4)  1960s (Spike)

Tried questions again:  Are you here with us?  (Two small spikes). 

History on the house:
The 1923 house was moved to this location. Not sure where it came from. The prior owners had lived here and died here. There was a young couple who lived next door who bought the house from the people who inherited it. They got the house it for nothing, and had all of the possessions in it. They stripped it of the hardware. They also enclosed the front porch and made it into a new room. The original house ended about half way through; the upstairs is also new (15 – 20 years). When we bought the house, we restored the front porch and added the back and the second floor. 

The neighbors across the street had a bell that they had gotten from the house from Dick, the prior owner. Dick was a retired policeman from up north. They were the ones to tell us that his wife died of brain cancer in the front room, and that he (Dick) also died here (alcohol related; he died in the kitchen). 

Home owner: She thought that they really loved the house and loved each other. Home owner felt like the policeman (Dick) remained as a protector.  

My father-in-law has passed away; they did give us the chandelier in the front house. When my husband returned after his father died his personality seemed to be very much like the father-in-law. 

Second part of the investigation for EVPS: Kitchen, front room, daughter’s room

Research needed:  Who owned the house in the 1920s?  Where was it originally located?
Any information about retired officer Richard?

Research:  Nothing significant related to the ghost investigation. 

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