Albert Whitted Airport

November – December 2018 – St. Petersburg


8/22/2018:  I just got my first notification that Albert Whitted Airport may be haunted.  

Interview:  Museum of History, St. Petersburg:  Albert Witted was an avid flyer and trained pilots for flight during the World War I period. After the war, he lived in Pensacola, Florida.  It was during a flight he piloted that he had massive damage to his airplane (possibly, a propeller fell off).  The plane crashed, killing all aboard.  

From an email: “We like to joke that his ghost wanders the airfield, especially since the terminal doors open and close at will sometimes. I take it more seriously than the others do, though. I think he loved aviation so much that he returned to the airport that bears his name. He probably resides in Hangar 1 — which has been around since the 19-teens…..I’m sure that there is spirit activity near Hangar 1, which is also where the original terminal was”. 

Email 2:  So I casually asked my coworker, HJ, today if he has had any reason to think Whitted is occupied with spirits…He said believes there are. HJ has worked here for 15+ years and his dad did, too, before he died of a heart attack after working here for 30 years! HJ told me one morning around 6am he and another worker were setting up for the day and they both heard a woman’s whispery voice, very faintly, saying “hello”…Thing is, the terminal wasn’t open yet and no one else was in there…

Update 9/19/18:  Have had some interesting incidents the last few days…as if the energy is ramping up here, somehow. Just 1/2 hour ago, my 2 coworkers and I were talking in the lobby when we heard something in the back room – We thought it was the boss coming in, but, something knocked over a rack of umbrellas… No one there to do it, either. Weird 🙂

FIRST INVESTIGATION: November 11, 2018:
Walk through with Paranormal Pugs (Achilles and Patroclus)
Note:  Unusual configuration of pugs involved tonight.  Odysseus is not feeling well and I left him home.  This is Patroclus’ first investigation.  

Cool and breezy night; we walked the parameters of the hanger area and went in to the terminal building.  

The pugs were not much help and seemed to be a bit overwhelmed by the site.  Patrcolus, however, spent a great deal of time (about 30 seconds) steadily staring at one spot (provided by photo).

Marina felt that we were being watched from the second floor of the Hanger building. 

We had EMF spikes outside of the original 1920s hanger, especially in reference to one long-term employee who died about 15 years ago (HJ Senior).  His son currently works at the airport and has reported seeing his father go by.  When asked if this was HJ Senior, the EMF spiked.  It responded to that question by the 1920s hanger and also in the terminal building.

Chills felt in the terminal building in one spot (check a/c).  

Research:  Airport history; any deaths, fatalities.
Possible stories:  Bill, a patron who rode his bike every day to the airport; died last year.
Rosemary, with husband, helped to create the terminal, builtin in 2007.  (Could she be the woman’s voice that two employees heard calling out “hello?” even though they were the only two people in the building?)

Albert Whitted Airport
Nov. 30, 2018
Present: Kristi (contact), Brandy, Marina, Jen, Michelle, and Kristy

First approaching property:
Jen: Drawn to the building “over there” (Hanger 2)

Walking the airstrip: Marina felt dizzy; Jen was also drawn to the airstrip, and Kristy was too. (“I felt that I needed to keep looking at it.”)

Terminal: Kristi told us about an incident that she had just last week. She was watching the meteor shower outside when she heard the gate behind her close. The noise is very distinctive (she did it for us) and to open and close the gate, one has to have a code. She turned around immediately to see who was there and it was empty. Her coworkers were visible inside and at the planes – no one had come out.
We did a brief EMF session outside. The meter responded to “female” and “someone present”, as well as a correlation or connection to the space (rather than the airport). Jen asked if there was something attached to the land….”it’s not the building, it’s what was here before the building.” Jen reported feeling warm outside, but that the warmth had moved off along with the readings.

We moved to the terminal. Inside, Marina felt warm when we first came in. Jen felt warm when she started to ask questions near the compass. 
(Note: First walk through Marina and I both felt chills in the terminal building).  

Kristi did note that she had felt touched on top of her head five days prior to the investigation as well – she was working at the desk. (Note: On the first investigation, Patroclus was intently staring at the desk. This lasted approximately 30 seconds). 

Bathroom: Jen went into the bathroom and reported that It felt heavy. When I came out, Marina said “I’m going to go into the bathroom.” I expected her to have a reaction in there. Marina came out and I was leaning against the counter, and “out of the left ear, I heard what was either a quick radio frequency or a female voice for just a second. I went by the elevator and felt chilled. I called Michelle, who had the thermometer. It read 78 degrees. From there, Michelle went into the bathroom. 

Michelle: I went into the bathroom and felt that I was being watched. I put the meter on the counter and it was at a “0” reading. I asked if anyone was in here and it started to do a spike. I started to check for electronics and it kept reading “0”. If I asked questions, it would spike really high, like above a 6. We started to ask questions. We asked, “Are you female” and there was no response. “Are you male?” and it spiked. Michelle asked the meter, “Did you use the restroom in here?” and that is when the meter went off (“went bezerk”). We decided to check upstairs to see if there was anything above it and we checked the restroom upstairs. It was a complete “0”.

We went back downstairs to the ladies room again, and Michelle asked the entity to “touch the meter” and she touched it herself. The meter started to go off. I asked it to do that again, and it did it again. The meter was going off so much that we called in the others. The response was confirmed again in the bathroom that the entity was connected to the ground and not the building.  

Kristy: I asked a series of questions. Are you connected to the ground? The meter spiked huge. I asked if this was something in the early 1900s and got nothing. It was a she, she was connected to the land, and she sold it. I asked if she liked to be here and it spiked a little, and if she liked the action here, and it did spike a little.  

Most of the responses were in the area by the door that Kristi reported opening on their own in the morning.  

Kristy: I said I hope that you said something into my recorded and it spiked.  

Michelle: As I was leaving the bathroom, I said goodbye and the meter spiked.

Consensus: Female entity, attached to the land. No sense as to why she is here, but that it’s not about the building but it is about the land.  

We tried Rosemary (who is in the painted picture) and the woman is still alive, so it’s not her. Our questions on names got no response. 

Outside Hangar 2: There was a party that was breaking up, and people were packing things away. There was a lot of outside noise. People put a portable bar inside Hangar 2 and we were able to see inside the building, but not go in. Jen sensed a male in the front by the blue doors. Male, mid-40s. dark hair, dark eyes, defined brow, mechanic, tall, sinewy, coveralls of some kind. Showed a picture of Howard and she did not pick up the ethnicity, but mostly the eyes and head, plus relatively young death.  
Looking at airplanes further out, Jen saw movement, as if someone was walking behind a plane and ducking behind the plane. No one came out. Kristy also saw movement out of the corner of her eye against a different hangar behind the plane.

EMF spikes were light – responded to Howard.  

Kristy also feels that she needs to look at one specific spot the airstrip.

Female voice was heard by Marina, Kristie and Michelle, but we are outside and sound carries.  

Kristi suggested that we also try the name Donald Thomasson: 8/13/2014  (No response.  He was a pilot who died in a crash in 2014).

Areas of Activity:  Terminal Building, gate area (back of building)

Several have commented on the photograph taken above via smartphone.  At least twice the question has arisen via the FB group about a shadow in the photograph.  The video clip, above, is taken of the inside of this area where a female presence was sensed.  The major issue is that there is no history of a woman owning the land.  Prior to the airport, it was land that was underwater, later dredged to make more stable land.

Post investigation conversation on the terminal area:  
Marina: I had said that night that it could be something mimicking a female. None of us felt an evil presence. Could it be someone who drowned if the area was underwater? Do we know who the passengers were in Albert Whitted’s plane when he went down? Could one have been a female? Or maybe the spouse of one of them? I’ve tried to research that, but didn’t get very far.

Kristi: I went to the library today. I confirmed that the land the airport is on is a produce of the Bayboro Harbor Project. In addition, I found that when the city was formed they sold what was called water lots. They were 400′ wide and ran 1000′ into the bay. They were not under water at low tide. The last lot, water lot 12, was just north of the airport. In the early 1910s a group of investors in the city pushed for a waterfront park. There were disagreements with city council so this group formed an investment company to buy up the water lots. Davis, Snell, Straub and a few other big names of the time. The last water lot to sell was held by a Mrs. David C. Cooke on December 22, 1916. However, it didn’t say which water lot she held. At this time, Pinellas was not a county so I don’t know if I need to go to Pinellas County tax office or Hillsborough County to see if I can dig up who held the water lot north of the airport. Still can’t find any other reference to Cook-Springstead Tracks besides the airport web page.

Paranormal Pets Episode of investigation up from November 2018:
Areas of Activity:  Terminal Building, gate area (back of building)
Hangar 2

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