Private Home

December 2018 – St. Petersburg

Home owner claims sensitivity and possibly attracts spirits.  She reports having other phenomena prior to this in other places that she has lived.  In 2004: Lived in an apartment where she felt odd things; later discovered that the prior dweller had shot himself in the living room shortly (1 – 2 months) before the apartment was rented to them.  Believes that the spirit came with her when she moved; also has reported that her daughter spoke with this same ghost, though she (the daughter) did not know of his prior circumstances.  

​Case information, current location:  

First contact June 9, 2016. Home owner was worried about attachment issues and items on the land. Knew of some people drowning in the creek near the property. There was a formerly a hospital that closed in the area, and a nursing home near as well. Home owner does a lot of protective prayers/thoughts/meditations.

Researching for the property: checked with neighbors who reported no known deaths in the area. There were originally small houses and a mobile home park in the area prior to these buildings. Those properties were torn down in 2006 to make way for new construction. 

Home owner reports that phenomena is spotty, different each time.  

2016: Her young son reported seeing “a guy” in his room at night. 

July 2017:  Children report seeing a shadowy figure in the house.  Afraid to sleep, upset.

November 16, 2018:  Home owner heard a girl’s voice in bedroom.  The next night, son saw a little girl in the bathroom reflected back in the mirror. 

November 17, 2018:  Reports hearing sounds/movement in other parts of home.

Investigation:  December 11, 2018:

Investigation: Summation:  No EMF detected on either meter for nearly all of the investigation. 

 EMF: So inactive that we did verify the meter is working. There were only three blips on the meter (slight spikes) with three questions: Are you male? A child? Do you have a message to pass on?  

Temperature ranged from 68 – 71.

First listening to the EVP session: No response.

Home owner again confirmed that activity is very spotty and different each time.  It often happens between 11 PM and 5 AM.  Her daughter sometimes sees the light in the front room move as if someone is walking through the area.  Her father died 2 years ago.  The death was unexpected due to a major accident on the interstate.  Perhaps it is a trick of the light, or perhaps it is family visitation. 

Clarification on recent event in November:  Home owner heard a woman’s voice in the room with her.  The message was “I am here” and “hello”.  It happened when she was partially asleep.  The next day, her son saw a little girl reflected back in the mirror in the bathroom.  He was startled by the event.  That is why she called us in.

The whole home was calm, peaceful, and pretty quiet.  It felt safe and lived in by the family.  We had no other phenomena during the 2 hours that we were present.  We have requested that the home owner keep a journal to see if there are certain anniversary dates or times of the year when the activity increases. We are open to returning if activity increases again. 

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