Haunted Pinellas Park – Parking Lot

September 26, 2019 – Pinellas Park

Case information:  I was to talk on Paranormal Pinellas Park on Sept. 27, 2019.  There were only three stories that I could find:

1)  A SPIRITS case from 10 years ago that involved a triple murder at a warehouse.  As they still held vigils after our investigation, I could not name the location, but it was absolutely haunted.  The people in there also had to clean up the crime scene (including scraping brain matter off the walls). 

2)  The Bryan Dairy case via “Dead Files”.  I was a guest historian for the show, but that had been well televised.

3)  A deep search of the Internet found ONE entry specifically for Pinellas Park.  This is ALL that the page revealed:  

So, with nothing else to go on, I researched CVS stores in Pinellas Park specifically on 49th Street North.  There was only one.  A SPIRITS researcher discovered there was an accident 4 blocksaway that caused the death of a 17 year old in March 2018, but the entry on the internet predated this accident.

 I wasn’t sure if I wanted to follow this up, but I happened to be driving up to a gallery to drop off art when I realized that I was on 49th Street AT the CVS that my research uncovered.  Indeed, it had a huge parking lot.  I decided to make a quick turn and check it out.

Next, I tried going into the store (I had to get some items, anyway).  There was a line at the checkout.  One man asked me about my t-shirt (I was wearing an Old Skool Ghostbusters Tee).  I mentioned that I was a ghost hunter; he told me that he loved that stuff.  I asked him if he had heard anything about the CVS being haunted.  He had not.  (The line in front of us, meanwhile, had gotten very quiet as everyone listened in on this).  The man proceeded to tell me of his own haunted experience in another state and of his love of slasher films.  Finally, I got to the register to purchase my items.  I asked the desk clerk if he had heard anything about the store lot being haunted.  He had not.

I proceeded to then turn to people I knew living in or near the area.  They had not heard of this, so I again went to the Internet.  I asked if anyone knew anything of the CVS haunting.  I got two replies:  One person felt that something was active in the third picture (above) and another person sent in an image of a haunted Walgreens on the other side of town.

This was one of the most unusual cases that I have dealt with.  I may do something with this in the future.  Sometimes a paranormalist just has to appreciate the humor of a situation.

On the plus side, I did get a new story for Pinellas Park from a woman who came to the talk.  She told met hat when her son was a child (I believe in the 70s), they lived in a house in Pinellas Park.  The house had an old well in the back yard that had been covered up.  One day her son was playing and found the well.  A friend of the woman relaying this story called her and told her to get her son in — to be careful of the well.  She then elaborated that this friend lived in another state but was very very psychic.  The woman got her son in, but after that strange things started to happen….and they started to see a little boy ghost.  She remembered seeing him at night, sometimes watching her as she slept.  I believe that her son also played with him.  The child was noted for being dirty and for having a strong smell.  Her psychic friend, though, believed that the boy needed to be moved over to the other side. She believed that he had lived on the property before them and had actually drown in the well.  He liked the family that was there now and was staying with them.  

The woman asked “how will I know if he has crossed over?” and the psychic, who was doing this all remotely, said that there would be a sign.  Well, about a week later this woman said that she was watching her son at bath time when all of a sudden the bathroom was filled with an overpowering aroma of flowers.  It was very intense and she had not done anything to merit the smell.  Her friend later told her that the flower smell was this little boy’s way of saying goodbye as she (the friend) had, indeed, convinced him to go over to the other side.

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