Jannus Landing

September 7, 2019 – St. Petersburg

Jannus Landing is alleged to be haunted.  There are two stories that circulate about the site.  Here is the report from the site:  https://www.facebook.com/stpetersburgparanormalinvestigation/videos/359218158362701/

1)  A fancy gentleman flirts with young women.  He appears on the third floor balcony of the original section of the Detroit Hotel.  He can be identified by his dated clothes (a three-piece suit is usually described).   With this very vague description, I tried to find areas that matched the haunt.  See images below. 

2) When people feel trapped by the crowds at concerts, there is a friendly ghost who helps them. I have had two people report this to me directly. One person said that he was being pressed against the front of the stage when he felt someone pull him away and out of the crowd. When he came to his senses, he was alone. A second person described the same thing — he was being pressed against the barriers in front of the stage. All of a sudden, he saw two arms come out on either side of him, like a body was behind him pushing the crowd back. He felt himself being guided out of the area. In his peripheral vision, he saw a Caucasian male with brown hair wearing a baseball cap. When they cleared the crowd, the man turned around to thank the one who saved him, to find no one there. He could not see the baseball cap in the crowd and when he asked security if they remembered anyone by that description, they said “no” (it was likely too vague).

The SPIRITS did do research on the property.  There were no known deaths (or crowd-related deaths) on the property to explain why the entity is there.  

Two videos about the area:

Preliminary research:

Janus Landing was fashioned out of the courtyard of  a hotel (the article does not say it, but I’m assuming it’s the Detroit Hotel?)  The former suites serve as green rooms for the bands. 

Jannus Landing was named after famed aviator Tony Jannus, the originator of the original airline industry (airboats went between Tampa and St. Pete).  From the article:  “It’s pretty inspiring to think of a rickety Benoist XIV landing in the very spot” that the concerts are taking place. 

Caffery, Dan. “Where We Live: Jannus Landing – St. Petersburg, FL”. March 19, 2009. Cosequenceofsound.net. https://consequenceofsound.net/2009/03/where-we-live-jannus-landing-st-petersburg-fl/  Accessed 8 Sept. 2019.

Search for deaths on the property, or people injured:  To date, none.  At the actual property these are the only issues I found via an internet search: 

2018: Photographer sued due to loss of toenail
2018: Insane Clown Posse concert, woman slipped and fell off stage (lived)

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