Valentween – Artlofts

February 16, 2019 – St. Petersburg

New case information:  
Feb. 2:  While setting up the art show, I felt several intensely chilly breezes in the lobby area (2nd floor) even though I was alone.  The daughter of one artist also said that the “floors felt weird” when I mentioned the place might have some resident ghosts. ​

Received  Feb. 9,  2019 from Diana Prince, a guest psychic reader at the Valentween Art Show:

​*Senses one male spirit who tries to stay out of the crowds.  He was on the other side of the building (less crowded) while the art reception was going.
*Senses a janitor named George who often mutters to himself.  (Is this our odd entity?)
*Sensed a female entity with an “M” name (Maggie or Margarite) walking about the building with a male companion.  Is this our reclusive ghost from the bathroom?  Or another set of entities?

​Investigation, Feb. 16
10 guests of the SPIRITS of St. Petersburg
Lisa Marie and Brandy of the SPIRITS present

Art Lofts: 
Group 1: Brandy’s Group – 
EMF spikes on the first floor in the lobby (elevator area): Unsure if they were responding to the cell phone (which was still on).  
However: in the conference rooms we conducted an experiment to see if the cell phone impacted the trifield meter. His phone did not move the EMF meter during our observations. The meter, if accurate, appeared to respond to questions include: Are you here, if the answer is yes – spikes, confirming. Distinguished between male and female (it was male). It worked here. He liked the building. He liked party.  

Stairwell: The EMF went up by 10 -15 points.  

Group discussion included: Is there one entity or more than one? Group – more than one. 

First floor: Response – on the first floor EMF started to go very high. One person felt heat (I did, too). Meter responded to maintenance but not the name. She continued to feel heat each time the EMF went up. The EMF continued to go up. One woman, who was most affected by the heat, she saw a lot of blue (blue on my face, blue on other’s faces). There was one woman who was initially blue, but who later turned white (bright white). 

We had one sensitive who said that when she encountered blue it was due to regret or an emotional state. The white aura light might related to spiritual ability. It could be a guardian figure. 

The one woman said that she had a series of friends and family who died. She tested the meter and asked if her friend “Angie” was with her. The meter spiked. It could be that she had a person with her. 

Group 2:

Lisa Marie: There is a man who is watching us. He is a strong energy. When he was living, he had a strong presence, very positive. He is wearing slacks with a white light colored shirt. He is between 30 – 50s. Brown hair. He is very curious. He is non-malevolent. He is not going out of his to be silly. He does interact. Ladies man? He is flirtatious. These were dress slacks.  

First floor: There was ridisdual energy (busy/rushed, almost coming at you). Our compasses began to spike around the water fountain. By the mailboxes there was a sensation of the floor moving and a sensation of nausea. “I walked away and then went back and it was gone”. Another felt a bit odd by the men’s room. 

Reach out the Law Office there is activity.  

We kept hearing chairs moving (dragging) and we thought it was the group upstairs. But there is nothing going on.

​This was such an unusual night that we opted to create videos to cover the things that happened!

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