Snell Isle

January 31, 2020

Jan. 31, 2020 Investigation

Reports —

Building created in 2014. 
Male home owner moved in 2016.
Female home owner (contact) moved in August 2018.

1) Odd sexualized dream

August 2019: 
2)Saw a male shadow figure in the bedroom window at 5 a.m. House clock stopped at that time as well.


3)On Todd’s birthday, walking to elevator. Heard cat cry out and turned to see a glass fall to the floor (unaided).  There were four people (two home owners and two friends) who saw the glass move on its own. 
4)Clock stopped again.

Came home after a trip to do laundry.  Heard the washer draining.  Went in and found that the lid had been raised and the laundry interrupted.  

5)Todd had broken his foot and was in a cast. He awoke to find his broken foot and leg raised up in the air; it then dropped down to the bed (as if held and then released). Todd said “That hurt!”
6)The same week as the foot incident, awoke to have a sharp pain in the middle of her palm (like a pin being pushed in). Told the entity to not touch her. Also noted that the cat seemed needier than usual.

Saged the house.  At that time, the porch light turned on by itself.  There are only two switches and neither were on.

7)1-20; was home sick. Felt a pinch on the back of her arm (home alone) and it left a mark.
8)Saged, but saw the smoke avoiding one corner of the house (wants to check to see if there is a natural cause). 

Investigators: Brandy, Sarah, Veva

Researcher: Marina

[Note:  We did additional research to see if this might be an entity that traveled with a family member living near Mirror Lake, but the general research on the site is below.  This has been condensed to remove names from the report. 

Apparently there was an original building there that was built in 1956, but on Jan 20, 2010, there was a permit pulled to demolish all buildings and structures. No info on deaths, but also can’t find 1956 owner unless the O’Neill’s lived there from 1956-1976, which is entirely possible.

First walk through:  

Sarah: Front room. The closet in the front room felt like we were being watched in there. I kept getting drawn to the cigar box and leather box that was in there. Had a sensation of being watched over the shoulder. The front bathroom, I also had the feeling of being watched all of the time (strong feeling).  

Veva: Front room: The front bedroom, I was getting what felt like someone covering my left eye, like someone telling me that I don’t want you to see this; felt like it covered ¼ of my head, including the left eye (in the closet space).  

Front living room: Sarah: I wasn’t getting anything in my face there, but it was more like an overall gradual feeling of someone opening up; it was getting to know us, but that it was curious. It was the feeling of being watched. When I first got here, I was drawn to the front living room and looking around, (Note from home owner: male home owner likes to sit in that area, looking around, noticing things).  

Veva: nothing

Back bathroom: temperature didn’t fluctuate, but there is an issue with electricity….(confirmed with home owner; flickering lights – resolved issue).
Meter in the back bedroom almost seemed like where the thing wanted to communicate. It was very hesitant, but almost came across as shy. Veva was asking questions and the meter started to jump in correlation to the questions back there.  

We were asking if it was a relative/non-relative? How old were you? Are you property related? Are you attached to something or someone?
Sarah felt that it was an object attachment. Maybe a family member who passed on. I couldn’t pick up if it was male or female or age. I want to say an adult, it didn’t seem playful but seemed more mature in the way that it responded to us.  
Front room: We asked questions as there were religious things in the room. We asked if the religious things in the room bothered it, and the meter started to jump. It wasn’t negative, just that it was energetic toward the question. Temperature fluctuated more in there. 

Second time that we went in there, Sarah felt more than Veva.  — When we went back into the closet in the back bedroom, the closet gave me a sensation of a headache and a hard time breathing. Veva kept focusing on leather and leather shoes. I kept hearing leather.

Veva: I touched the boat shoes (red leather) I kept getting an energy (Dockers) warm vibration. The other element that happened, I saw something twitch at the top of the closet. Hat on the left top (taupe) I thought I saw it move up slightly. The hat next to it was a two color, white and beige, lifting like it was breathing. No real temp fluctuation on that. The meter was also interacting with the questions while we were in there.  

The second time we were in the back bedroom, I felt a pulse in the collar bone. It was sort of like touching a bruise. (Could be related to another investigator who had surgery there). 

Sarah: It’s not really strong unless it wants to be. Most of the time it’s not. The energy is more active at night. The only thing that I got in the kitchen was a sense of movement. 

Veva: Above the washing machine above the electrical fan. I was suspicious of the electrical panel (it’s to the right of the washer and dryer). I got one temp flux but I could not get it to replicate. (Sarah: It’s like the energy is there and gone….that’s what I kind of feel).  

Recheck: Back bedroom closet. Front room closet.  

Post investigation contact:  The cat has been looking into the closet since we left.

The shoes, leather jacket, cigar box, and hats:  Shoes in closet bought by male home owner, but never worn.  The hats were never worn.  The leather jacket was bought by the female home owner when she was 18.  She has only worn it twice.  The cigar box was made by a friend.

Home owner reports that the house feels lighter for now.  She also wonders if the names Bruce, Tim, or Ted (people the home owners know/knew) might be the identity of the ghost.  

Sound file at left:  nothing unusual, but a summation of the entity. 
Thermal imager video; the bright figures are living people.  No real results but an interesting watch.

EVP, Veva.  Audio, left and video, second on right above. 

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