St. Petersburg Residence

December 9, 2020

Brandy’s note:  In my two decades plus of ghost investigation, this is one of the “most” ghost hunter ghost hunts that I’ve ever done.  

Background: I received notification from a friend that she had a friend looking for a paranormal team to investigate a house. It was time sensitive since the house was to be demolished the next day. I put out the call to SPIRITS investigators and we pulled in a small crew for that night. We met the people who had permission to be there and did an investigation.

The house was not optimal for an investigation as it had not been maintained for some time. The ceiling was open to the air in some sections, the smell of mildew was present, and the prior home owner, who had passed on and who we were looking for during the investigation, was a hoarder before her death. The property had been sorted through by the estate settlers, though a lot of materials had been left behind. We did have to move over much of this during our investigation. The noise from walking over plaster, books, papers, and other items is picked up in the recordings that we made that night.

The only information we had came from our contact. The home owner had passed away after suffering from dementia, falling in her home, being found by a passerby, and admitted to a nursing home. The house was sold to a contractor who slated it for demolition. The contact who brought us to the home had been to the property only over the past two weeks, with permission from the contractor, to find out more about the home owner. The SPIRITS literally had that night to see if we could detect any presence of the home owner, who the contacts believed had communicated with them while they were exploring the house.

There was no return to the home for follow up investigations. But, this is what we got that night…..

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