14th Ave North Private Residence

Date Unknown – St. Petersburg

This is the area where one member reported seeing a shadow man during an investigation

A cleaning One of the most fascinating enigmas of the paranormal field are the shadow figures.  These creatures are quite mysterious with unknown origin and purpose. Many websites describe the shadow figures.  Here are samplings from a few :

The Hat Man shadow person is a variation of the human-like being described earlier. While the experiences and description of this type of entity closely matches that of the plain shadow person there are noticable differences. The most noteable and obvious being the inclusion of a wide brimmed hat in witness descriptions. The hat worn by this type of shadow person is described variably as a having a brim the width of the creatures shoulders. In most other instances the description of this creature mimics that of the human shaped variety. The Hat Man seems to exhibit a certain degree of curiosity towards the witnesses involved in sighting it or him, whichever the case may be.There have been occasional reports of dread and paralysis associated with this creature, but to a much lesser degree than the black smoke shadow being  (http://the-psychic-detective.com/shadow-people-types.htm).

The first appears as a tall dark slim figure wearing a hat, described by some as a fedora while others liken it to a cowboy hat. The other common shadow man is a hooded robed figure dressed in monk-like garb. Both figures are always dark and shadowy, of course, and typically project the impression of a male. Many describe encounters with these figures as ominous, leaving them with the impression of something sinister. In other words, they are left with a bad feeling often described as a feeling of dread (http://www.associatedcontent.com/article/2728509/paranormal_mystery_the_shadow_man_shadow.html?cat=7).

1. Often reported as staying in or just to the outside of the shadows that can normally be found in a place.   2. More often than not shadow beings are reported to have a humanoid shape to them.  3. The shadow forms are often first seen on the side of one’s vision (corner of the eye sight). Enough to notice that something is odd, but when attention is fully turned toward the shadow it is either seen to move out of sight or disappear/blend in with the other shadows. 4. Often described as being denser than the surrounding shadows. The phrase, “it seemed to absorb the light” has been used a lot. 5. They move very quickly(http://www.associatedcontent.com/article/89278/shadow_beings.html?cat=70). 

Though there is much research and theory involving the shadow forms (including the SPIRITS’ sister site, Shadow Animals), this team has rarely come across a manifestation of one.  This case, however, was unique.  While in the home several of the SPIRITS team, specifically the more sensitive-oriented members of the group, saw one manifest.  As true to the descriptions above, the form was intensely dark, moved rapidly, and wore what appeared to be a fedora-like hat.  It appeared and vanished in the blink of an eye, and seemed as surprised by us as we were of it.

The entity did not manifest again for the duration of the investigation.  Its appearance remains a mystery.  Please see the information recounted below via SPIRITS video.  We would love to receive and post opinions on shadow figures, specifically the one in this case.  To send information please e-mail us.  Include if we may post the email, man called the homeowner one morning to inform her that a large glass door from her entertainment set flew off the console and slammed into the floor. It was lodged so tightly that it took the construction crews to pull it out.    

More disturbing was the reaction of her computer equipment in the in-home office.  Though it worked well before the move, in this house she had gone through three hard drives, 4 mother boards, and 2 DVD players on her stationary computer, and her laptop was in a state of needing constant repair.  The technicians could not explain why the computer problems occurred. 

She witnessed her elderly dog sit up in bed late at night, wagging her tail as if greeting someone coming into the room.  She saw shadows out of the corner of her eyes, her keys vanish, and locked doors appeared to unlock themselves.

She called in the SPIRITS to investigate.  

During the investigation few images were captured, though the team sensitives felt the presence of a kindly old woman.  She seemed to stay upstairs where her bedroom used to be.  Research showed it might be the former homeowner who, with her first husband, built the house.  After her husband died, she remarried and continued working on the house, with the biggest addition being the garage out back.

The garage also contained a male presence.  Sensitives felt him asking about the whereabouts of a tree that he had liked.  The homeowner explained later that the tree was sick when she bought the house and she had to have it cut down.  Yet, his intimate knowledge of the house led the homeowner to conclude from her own research that he was related to the old woman, either as the second husband or as a grounds keeper.

The SPIRITS also thought there may be a third presence related to the house, perhaps that of a wandering ghost.   He was possibly a thief who had broken into the house before, and was quite discontent with his life and his passing.   He held a fascination for electronic equipment and it was he who was responsible for breaking it.

The homeowner is taking this in stride.  She has asked the entities to stop unlocking the doors and taking her things.  

“I smudge monthly,” the homeowner explains.  Smudging is the standard practice of burning sage and wafting the smoke throughout the household.  It is believed to remove negative presences. She believes that the old woman’s ghost left at the time of the first smudging.

As for the computer-tampering ghost, “I often yell at him when the computer acts us now and tell him to go towards the light. Brightening up the area of the office has changed things significantly, but he still has an attitude and messes with the computer. It crashed again on April 30 and then the laptop went down on the 7th of May.”  (802)

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