4045 Private Residence

Date and location Unknown

Image (above) is a picture of a bruise the home owner said the ghost gave her from a hard pinch; this took place prior to the investigation.

Most of the SPIRITS of St. Petersburg investigations show a strong amount of entities who are not harmful.  The greatest number of cases reported relate to family members.  Most investigations are done out of curiosity — the home owners may sense a presence but want validation that it is there.  The gradation may move toward stressful situations where ghosts are projecting negativity connected to frustration, outrage or anger.   It is a very rare occurrence that we find a home in which the spectral is quite hostile.  However, just as with the living there are those personalities who are hostile to the point of harmfulness.  This is one of those rare cases.

As you read through the reports, ask yourself the following questions:

If I was the investigator on scene, how would I handle this activity?

What advice could I give the home owners?  

What can they do to protect themselves?

Imagine that you are the home owners at this property.  Think about this:

What would you do in this situation?  Would you stay in the home, or leave it?  

What would you have the paranormal investigators do in this situation?

Feel free to share your thoughts or comments via our email and Facebook pages, listed on the home page of this website.
​Investigation notes: 

Felt there were 3 entities on the property. An older male, a female and a younger male. The older male did not want us there. It felt like the woman was being kept there against her will. I felt like we were being watched. It felt like a presence that I think was the woman peeked around the corner of the hallway. Physical experiences include: stinging in my left eye in the crib area, tightening in the chest in the hall bathroom, pain in my right temple in the master bedroom plus a feeling of being closed in, tingling on the crown of my head in the kitchen. I felt like something followed Verna into the kitchen. I felt like there was a presence sitting in the tree in the backyard. When re-entering the house from the backyard I felt a lot of apprehension. Like I didn’t want to go back in. When the team was in the master bedroom and one member opened the one closet I heard “Boo”. 

The home holder had a bruise on her arm that occurred the day before after leaving the home. She said it felt like something bit her. The still picture of the bruise was blurry, but it is recorded on the video. 

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