Ra’s House, Pinellas County, December 29, 2022

(Recheck August 20, 2023)

Home owner information:

Ra in all his thermal image glory

My home was built in 1925. I moved in 2 years ago. I learned that the previous owner, who founded the vegan ice cream shop Plant Love with his mother, was around my age and passed away. I make ice cream as a hobby and have been wanting to open my own ice cream shop, and my neighbors find it an odd coincidence that I happened to move into this house (although they are not complaining because they continue to get free ice cream). I don’t know anything yet about the residents before them.

Just moved in, haven’t learned anything yet. House is 100 years old this year. I just heard that “every home in Roser Park comes with a free ghost”. Haha, would love to get to know mine.

Notice anything eerie and strange in or around your home? Describe it here.

Lights turning on and off. The doorbell rings by itself consistently at 3AM. My wife was recently grabbed from behind while washing her face. No one was behind her. EVPs have been recorded. Strange shadows. A strange time / space auditory phenomenon. Scratches.

Unexplained opening of doors and lights turning on that were most definitely off previously. This is a newer house but it js built at edge of Booker Creek and the site of a Tocobaga Native American settlement. Also built on the site of a previous duplex.

Shortly after moving into my home, a cat (who I originally called “Cat” but eventually started calling “Ra”) started appearing and eventually just moved in and hasn’t left since. He often tries to have conversations with me and will sometimes sound out “Hello” when I’m not paying attention to him. I like to call him my familiar, and I think there’s something spooky going on with him. I’ve also noticed that select lights in my house will randomly go off or on. There is a large tank in my attic that no one seems to be able to conclusively identify. I’ve found random weird object while doing things around my house like animal bones and an old iron key. There have been several occasions where I have heard someone walking through the house but found no one when I went to investigate. It is a wood framed home, so you can tell if someone else is in the house.

Investigation Notes:

Questions for home owner:

Are you sure that the footsteps are not just animals in the house?

Answer: No no, critters sound very different when they’re in the walls and attics; they make a light scampering/scurrying sound. This I know because I unfortunately have had that too (and have also had a raccoon fall off my roof which I found funny). But I have also heard slow heavy footsteps come from the back of the house; there was nothing there when I went to investigate (which was very scary to do). It’s only happened a few times and it has been a while since It has happened. 

Notes: We are still trying to work out why the lights shut down on their own, but still suspect that there is another house with a similar frequency. He does have a wireless system set up. We caught one of the two lights out episodes on camera. We did test the fuse box, but when the circuit was turned off the result was entirely different (different set of lights shut down with the switch that shut off those particilar lights). See what you think in the video below.

Investigation notes:

Nancy: I sensed someone in the back watching us — in that back area just off the kitchen watching us horrible indigestion which only increased as I came through except for one area 

Sunroom: The energy there I heard him as I came into his space and it almost like warning me like get out get out get out and I said we’re not going to make you leave we’re just here visiting and he’s like you need to leave

From the outside feels like a normal door from the inside of you touch it it almost like draws you and then as you walk through the sunroom and you go to go into this study area there’s like almost like a portal like you could just feel the energy building it almost flows you right into this one area in the study.

 As I came into your bedroom I totally different energy and I kept hearing this is this is safe refuge this is safe refuge it’s like there’s a protect ive energy in the bedroom.

In the far back corner of the yard and I I heard children laughing and running through from the days before — like early 1900 or 1920s. I could hear the children running through and laughing and then I saw a little girl with long hair, I heard the name Victor. The little girl was joyful, she died from diphtheria. I think that she was a neighborhood girl that died.

Other areas where it feels very like I wrote safe refuge almost like something’s keeping that at a better level.

The gentleman that was here, he lived here in the mid 1950s. Description: Sort of a grizzled beard, he really wasn’t that old. He is moody — angry and then okay. He had stomach issues and identified as a loner.  But he sort of withdrew when I tried to get more information.

He looks older than he is….40s but looks 60. Maybe associated with the letter R.

Carissa: The floor in the back room is sloping; we actually used your level to double check.  However, the area did feel heavier than the rest of the house, especially around the same time that Nancy sensed a man wanting her to go. 

In the studio, I was standing still and tripped. I’m not graceful, but I can’t explain that, either. I think there is a portal in that area.

Nancy: Owner died in the studio. 

Veva. Foundation pillars are holding the structure up, so I’m not surprised that there is a little bit of a slope on the porch. Back in the day, the rain could come in; they wanted the water to drain away from the house so it’s probably the way that they built the house. The slope is supposed to be there.

While we were in the sunroom, I actually told Nancy that I’ve been feeling stomach issues. Same feeling in the sunroom and going outside that door not back door that was a pop back there. 

Cat back there but seemed okay.

Brandy: It was quiet up here. We did have a case of equipment fall over when you all left, but it’s probably from natural phenomena. The group (SPIRITS and home owner) witnessed half of the house lights shutting off twice during our investigation. Does not appear to be breaker box; might need to check for wireless systems, or if there is a connection to another neighborhood wireless connection that is interfering with the lights.

This image was exciting, but we determined that it was likely due to the way the camera was picking up items in the nearby room.

Video discussion:

We did have a bit of pareidolia with part of the video via the FLIR thermal camera. But, here you can here some of the conversation at the end of the interview.

Metaphysical ideas: Feng Shui

Based on images sent (with permission) to a Feng Shui specialist, we got the following response:

I suggest they open the windows to energize it more.  There’s also too much furniture in the room and the couch is holding energy. They need to remove the downward hanging plants and anything that is dried and decayed like that string of something hanging on the wall.  I also suggest that they install upward facing lamps rather than downward bulbs to help push the energy of the walls up. 

Finally, I suggest that this room get a space clearing done.

Post investigation update: May 2023

Home owner told us that his lights stopped turning off by themselves in the evening for a period of approximatly 3 months. The resumed a few weeks before we returned to the neighborhood to do another investigation of a different home.

Post investigation research, St Petersburg Times archives:

Doing some historic research on the property revealed a very big surprise. in 1979, the then-home owner of the property had an issue. He was intoxicated and was out in the backyard. His next door neighbor, 18 years old, came over and attacked the home owner. He did “karate chop” style punches to the man’s head, later slamming his head into the concrete. The home owner survived and was found by a policeman who initially thought that the home owner had fallen on the property. The man (home owner) was taken to Bayfront hopsital where he was in a coma, later dying from his injuries.

The case was reviewed and detectives discovered several discrepancies. The 18 year old neighbor was eventually arrested for the attack, and the charges upgraded to murder after the man died. The following year, the young man was found guilty of murder.

The research is interesting. The current home owner had no idea of this event, and we did not find it listed until we looked in the archives. The violence of the crime did make it sensational for thie area and was covered in a series of 3 articles.

Severall things do seem to correlate, including the headache, stomache ache (perhaps similar to the nausea), ingesting poison that led to his death (or perhaps the man had chronic bouts of stomach issues). The link to the property, or working on the property, might tie to the original report that the police thought that he had fallen on the property.

A recheck is scheduled for late June 2023.

The video below shows our experience with the lights going out. You may have to scroll down on the frame.

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