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Paranormal Pets Episode 20:  I am really excited about this episode.   I was so thrilled and honored to get to interview Sue Fowler, the first to host a Shadow People page, and whose site I remembered when I first started getting into paranormal investigation.  It also turns out that I knew her from way back via one of the early paranormal sites.  She is a marvelous guest, and we got to discuss something that was even a bit new for her — shadow animals!  (She will give a few tips on shadow people, too, in this episode.  It’s hard NOT to talk about them). As a person who rarely sees anything on investigations, I can say that I HAVE seen one shadow animal when we did an investigation and through this interview I learned that my siting is similar to the others that she has learned about.

I loved doing this interview and hope that you enjoy it, too.

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