7100 Private Residence

St. Petersburg, FL – January 6, 2021

Pre-investigation notes: (Zoom meeting Dec. 2)
Knocks at the front door at 2 AM; when door opened no one was there. Frantic pounding. (“It sounds like someone desperately trying to come in, as if they are running from an ax murderer”). Probably five or six times; Two or three times when one home owner heard it but not the other, then both heard it. At least one time he door was unlocked, and yet no one came in, despite all of the pounding. 
Painting propped up on the floor slammed down, but the painting next to it did not fall down. (First one that fell sounded like a big bang….even though it was a really light canvas). Sounded like a smashing sound – like a plate falling. Tried to replicate sound with the falling canvas, but could not.  
Noise happened when they looked up SPIRITS of St. Petersburg. (It happened when they were talking about us coming to do an investigation – reading the FAQ out loud to the phone….smashed down. That night, she started to rationalize it. She then saw a pillow flip as if someone had touched it.  
Light turned on by itself in the guest room, two times. 
Activity has called down considerably since home owners talked to us.
Glass shattering – picture fell from the wall in the secondary bedroom. 

December 14: 2:17 AM: Knock in the kitchen. One more knock about 20 minutes later. 

Dec. 15, 2:30: Single Knock on the door

Dec. 17, 4:44: Two loud knocks coming from the kitchen or front door.

Everything seems to have stopped since Dec. 17.  

Brandy: Observations of noise (walking and sounds) coming in from the area of the trail.  
Moved in July 2020. Activity started in September. Neighbors moved out in November. 
First walk through: 

Marina: Didn’t really get any feelings anywhere; however, the bathroom bedroom area had a lot of temp fluctuations. The bathroom, the first time I walked in there, I felt a heat radiating, though the temp only registered 69.6. Second time I walked in, no heat. There were temp fluctuations on that side of the house. Nothing on the K2 meter, not even on the power lines from the trail. (MA bedroom)
Home owners: Heat is on at 72. 

Carissa: I felt a little off balance in the bedroom, by the electrical panel. (MA bedroom).
Veva: Only thing the MA bedroom was the heat, after Marina and Carissa walked out. Nothing in the bathroom or other experiences. 

Marina: Light headed, just came on. 

Reinvestigate: back part of the house. 

JJ: Research (via phone):
Near Pinellas Trail. It is 7.2 miles away from Indian Shell Mounds. Diagrams sent with a map of the layout. Building was originally built in 1961. The trail was once Railroad Tracks, and that could be a conductor. Not near anything unusual. Pretty sparse area. Crime report shows very little violence beyond a few car theft, and an unarmed robbery.
Previous tenants were the landlords previous to the current ones.  
Burned the sage to get rid of energy – went to protection candle. Smudging stick. Activity still happened after that. 
After talking to us, one person started to have dreams: Male, person of color; had a base figure and then transformed.  
Did speak out loud to it once to “leave us alone”. Activity stopped.  

Recommendations: Keep monitoring the situation; if something happens contact us. Recommend keeping track in journal and speaking out loud again.

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