Private Residence – Lakeside Drive

March 22, 2001

St. Petersburg, Florida

Home built – 1978
Condo – Second Floor Corner
Between two pools and a pond
Resident: “Joan”
Moved in – 1999


Did not observe any unusual odors. No unusual markings on walls, ceilings or floors 
during the walk through. However, during the walk through, I entered Joan’s bedroom alone and experienced some goose bumps while standing at the foot of her bed. We did get a few EMF fluctuations in the kitchen but the room is small and the fluctuations could be from the appliances. Took several pictures of her bedroom, bedroom closet and bedroom bath because they fascinated me but nothing turned up on the pictures.


According to Joan the first paranormal experiences started about six months ago, which was approximately 6 months after she moved into the condo. She would hear random noises when working on her computer in the spare bedroom. She felt these noises came mostly from the living room area. Then she would here noises from the bedroom area when she was in the living room.

She also had an experience in her bedroom where the breeze blowing in from the window only went over the back of her shoulders to her waist rather than over her entire body. This happened at approximately 10 PM one evening.

Joan has come home to find her kitchen cabinets open, when she has a fetish about cabinets being closed. She has also come home on a couple of occasions to find the dead bolt locked that she never locks and her phone in the cradle face down, when she always puts it face up. Several times Joan has put things on the kitchen shelves only to have them fall off at little later. On one occasion Joan saw a shadow out of the corner of her eye like something scurrying down the hall to her bedroom.

Joan shared with us that she is somewhat psychic and has lucid dreams although she hasn’t had any since she moved into the condo. Her neighbor informed her that a tenant died in her (Joan’s) condo approximately 10 years ago. To Joan’s knowledge this man died of natural causes. This neighbor also told Joan that her place has spirits.


I did not sense any evil or dangerous situation during the investigation. I did however experience goose bumps in the bedroom. These were slight and I feel they and the shadow (seen by Joan) could be memory residue from the former resident. I think the lock, phone and kitchen cabinets were caused from someone outside entering Joan’s home while she was gone. The noises Joan has heard could be from another apartment, due to the proximity of the water and noises carry & reflect OR could be something or someone that didn’t wish to share it’s self with the S.P.I.R.I.T.S Team. 


A video and digital pictures were taken throughout the home. There was nothing visible on the either. 

Unusual activity:

Strange noises, hearing noises at the other side of the apt. that sounds as if they are coming from the kitchen area.  Nothing in the apt. is disturbed despite these noises.

Has arrived home from work to find a cabinet door open, which is very odd as she has a fetish about closing the doors.  She also found the telephone face down, when she always puts it face up.

Twice, dead bolt has been locked, though she does not lock it when she is not home.  She did check with the building man who has a key to her apt, and he was not even in the location for the duration of the day that she found the dead bolt locked.

She also noted a strange wind pattern with the window.  Instead of blowing wind across all of her, it was a concentrated area. Thought that was strange.  Natural direction of wind flow should indicate that she could feel it across the entirety of her body as she lay in bed; wind should not have been blocked. 

Has seen a shadow from the corner of her eye in the hallway, thought it was a rat.

Things placed on kitchen counter, safely on counter but near the edge, tend to fall.  Tenant assoc. it with her own clumsiness, but is now not so sure.


Has lived there for one year.  Found out from a neighbor that a man died in the apt. about 10 years ago.  Noticed unusual events about 6 months ago.

Building was built in 1984 or 1985.

Tenant has a history of lucid dreaming, though she has not done any lucid dreaming since before moving into this apt.  

The building is situated by a pond, 2 pools, and is 10 blocks or less from the Bay.

Tenant is a devout Catholic.  Noted several blessed religious items in her home.

There are several antiques in her home, though she has had the antiques previous to the time that she moved into apt.  No known activity comes from them.  

No one else seems to feel anything in the apt.


Kitchen had slight surges of EMF.  However, there was a lot of mechanical equipment around the kitchen and EMF may have been created by the appliances.  Refrigerator seemed to be a main source of EMF in the room.  

Karen caught some grainy images on the video, part. When recording in the dark.  However, this may or may not be relevant.

Slight tingling in scalp, small bout of goose bumps in bedroom.  I felt mildly dizzy two times in the kitchen, but both episodes were very very brief.

Conclusion:  I do not find any conclusive evidence to prove this place is haunted.  It may have memory residue from previous tenant who died in the apt.  I would like to know where and who keeps her spare keys, as they could be possibly coming into the apt. while tenant is out.  Cabinet, phone, and dead bolt, I feel, are related to someone from the outside coming inside the apt. probably someone with a key.  Noises could be explained as coming from other apts, or from outside the apt.

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