Private Residence – Lennox

March 12, 2003

Tampa, Florida

The team was called in to investigate a home with minor phenomena. The homeowner believed that the entities she sensed were those of her family. Manifestations occurred mostly in the front living room and consisted of a comforting sensation.  

The building was surrounded by power lines, which produced EMF readings that interfered with the equipment. Temperatures remained the same and there was little else that registered substantially with the technical aspects of the investigation.

That left much to the responsibility to the sensitives, who reported that energies in the master bedroom closet shifted considerably and were probably part of a vortex. The room also contained an entity that stood next to the headboard of the bed. The sensitive picked up a “J” name associated with him and initially called him Jeremy. The homeowner corrected this by mentioning the name “Jamie.” He was of standard build, aged in his 20’s with wavy hair. The psychic, however, also described his demeanor as “one person with two personalities.”

Initially, this man was hostile to the group and offered only flippant remarks while cursing at the team leader. He didn’t want anyone on “his side” of the bed and was protective of his space. He started to interact with those present when the homeowner came into the room. He had known her in life and the two had a relationship that went partially awry. He died unexpectedly in a car accident some time before the investigation, but he wanted to make amends to her before he crossed to the Otherside.  

He said that he knew the homeowner knew that he was there. She validated this by saying he made particular noises in life which she heard in the home. Sensitives felt that he would cross over once he made his peace with her. He felt he had to make amends for some bad choices that he made in life.

A few other names were mentioned, including one that had a sense of urgency to it: Trevor. Another was a “Granny D”, and a final name was “Babette”. The identity of these individuals remains a mystery.

After the group left, the homeowner sent an obituary of Jamie’s death that validated the details of a car accident described. She reported some mild psychokinetic activity after the group left, including a football hat that was thrown across the room. James was a known football fan. She took time to talk with him to hopefully ease his transition.  

The identity of Trevor and several of the other names mentioned remains a mystery, however.

Yet, the experiences held by the team beg the question, as posed by one team member: Do deceased friends stay with you until they can relay a message and/or ask for forgiveness? And if they do, how do we interact with them? It is all a part of the on-going research taking place in today’s world as we struggle with one of the world’s oldest mysteries.

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