Private Residence

June 18, 2005

New Port Richie, Florida

Once again showing their unpredictable nature, the entities on this investigation surprised the SPIRITS of St. Petersburg.  What, after all these years, could surprise this group?  This home was supposed to be a “control” situation  there were not supposed to be any entities present.  Instead, the night of the investigation there were several “hot spots” of activity.

The SPIRITS followed standard procedure; the contact, the only person on the SPIRITS team who knew any information on the location, was informed that this was a control house.  The homeowner chose to fill out the standard questionnaire once the team assembled at the house.  As the SPIRITS moved through the area, she answered questions as to phenomena that occurred in the home.  No one saw what the homeowner reported until after the investigation concluded.

The first surprise appeared in the master bedroom.  A male entity named Charles who was associated with the military, started to come through.  EMF was registered and he began to relay information through both sensitives and spikes on the meter.  He was somehow related to the male homeowner, and remembered the Clinton administration.  A second female spirit appeared.  Another blonde child, her words were unclear to sensitives who described her as whispering in their ears.  

The second area of activity was in the livingroom/kitchen/foyar area.  Several sensed a male presence standing in the room.  He remained just on the edge of the room and several could sense a cool breeze that he generated, despite the steady temperature reading. The child, again, followed us in, happily whispering away, the wispy sounds captured on an EVP made in the foyar area.

Just out of this location was a room affectionate known as the “yellow room.”   Despite it’s bright walls, one sensitive felt a sense of foreboding and entrapment, while another felt happiness and contentment.

Uncertain what to make of these conflicting reports, at the conclusion of the investigations, the SPIRITS read the homeowner’s documentation. Much to the surprise and relief of the contact, in the month since the investigation was set up paranormal activity had begun to increase.  The homeowner explained that on several different occasions, footsteps were heard in the vicinity of the kitchen/foyar.  They sounded much like a child running through the room.  

The military man, Charles, could be her husband’s father’s name.  He died in the late 1980’s (which throws off the Clinton administration information) he was in the military and died of lung cancer.  A week and a half before the SPIRITS arrival, her son (who is very young and never knew his grandfather) suddenly exclaimed without provocation, “Daddy, I’m sorry that your dad’s not here any more.”  The parents had never discussed his deceased grandfather with him.

Despite the unusual nature of the investigation, this does show a few valuable insights into the team’s methodology.  Just as there is no guarantees that a house is haunted, as strange events do occur around natural phenomena as well, there is also the chance that a non-haunted house could have a few spectral residents around.   It also shows that the contact person is NOT tainting the investigation with foreknowledge of the location.  The painstaking process of keeping information from the rest of the SPIRITS until the homeowner interview appears to be a valid one.  

Overall, this was one of the most active “control” houses that the SPIRITS has attended!  St. Petersburg 

Investigation Notes: 

Time:  6:45  9 p.m.

Others:  Heather, 2 cats inside, 2 cats outside, 1 ferret outside.

Upon entering I started to get EMF spikes while sitting in the living room.  EMF was spiking on a 1.5 on the 0  3 scale.

We stayed together as a group. 

Silent Walk Through:

MA Bedroom: 
EMF 1.4
1 spike 1.4  2.0
bathroom 2.0 EMF (standard)

Living room:  1.4 EMF
78 degrees temperature

Sitting Room:  
.8 EMF
77 degrees
Chills on legs

Back Bedroom (Yellow Room)
Chills on legs outside bedroom.
.6 EMF
77 degrees.
1 spike from .8 to 1.8.

Child’s room:
.6 EMF
77 degrees
1 small spike from .6 -.8
Chills on legs

Bathroom:  .8 EMF

Sports Reoom
.8 EMF
79 degrees
EMF climbed to 1.0 with a small spike
Wiring in walls by sports things.  Computer kept in this room.

Garage:  88 90 degrees
No strong EMF.

Group decided to go into the MA bedroom, Yellow Room, Living room, and sitting room.

Yellow Room:  Bedroom 2:
Notably cooler.
EMF .6

Discussion:  Larger furniture could cause sensations of sadness.  Scott felt comfortable there.

MA Bedroom:  1.2:  
Male energy attached to husband (spike in EMF meter).
Was he a mentor to husband?  (No response)
Not directly related to husband?  Older male?
Child was here, blonde female child.  

Did you know Gordon?  Spike
Henry? (None)
Were you law partners?  (Spike).

So little energy in the room; hard to determine answers.  Hard to determine what ws going on.  Felt “breezy” and light  not good for psi-sensitives to connect to.

Sitting Room:
Someone died in 1996  97.  Remembers Bill Clinton.  Died in an accident?  David felt a foot or fall problem.  (Spikes on EMF meter)
Scott sensed hip area, neck and above, and something about a mechanical incident.
He died, but not due to old age.

Homeowner came into the room.  Energy remained “extremely faint”.

Homeowner Interview:
Only “yes” answers on questionnaire:

Peripheral vision manifestations; Abnormal behavior of doors  a locked door was found unlocked.  Heard footsteps.  Heard a voice.  Has potential psi-sensitivity in history.  Grandmother had senses, her mother could read palms.  She felt that she had a strong gut instinct.  Homeowner also revealed that at the prior house her grandmother may have tried to communicate, via a child’s battery operated toy that kept going off for no reason.

Other phenomena reported:
All within the last 6 months:
Footsteps in kitchen (3 times, heard by husband, mother, and herself).
Voice heard in backyard, 11 p.m., when homeowner was by herself.  Heard “hi”.

Homeowner revealed: 
Yellow Room:  Furniture not new.  It belonged to an older gentleman, eccentric, smart.  When he moved, he gave all his furniture to her without accepting payment and insisting that she take it.  He died 1 month later of a massive heart attack.  

The military man/Charles:
Charles could be her husband’s father’s name.  He died in the late 1980’s.  He was in the military and died of lung cancer.  He did serve during a war era, but possibly not in active combat.

A week and a half ago, her son (who is very young and never knew his grandfather) said to his parents quite suddenly, “Daddy, I’m sorry that your dad’s not here any more.”  Parents never discussed grandfather with him.

Another possibility that homeowner offered us:  In the 1980s she played with a ouija board.  She got in contact with a spirit by the names of Charles Gore.  She didn’t think that he was in the home.

Grandmother was possibly the Beverly reference (her name was Bonnie).  The big clock in the living room was a gift to her from her grandmother for the wedding.  Dried flowers were also kept on the bookshelf from her grandmother’s funeral.

She had been in the hoe since December (6 months).  She heard footsteps in kitchen.  The first time these happened, her husband and mother witnessed them.  1 week later she heard what she thought was a small child walking on the kitchen floor in bare feet.  She heard this two times, including the week before the SPIRITS came out to investigate.

She heard a voice outside while she was sitting by herself.  It was a small child, possibly a little girl, saying “Hiiii!”  Sounded very young (4  5 years old).

The night before the SPIRITS came out she was cleaning out a cat box.  She noted that the door out to the pool was locked.  When she went back an hour later, the door was unlocked and unlatched.  Husband had just come home and said that he didn’t touch it.  She didn’t unlock it (and self-describes as very very careful about locking doors).

She has researched the home and cannot find anything on a drowning in the area.  Both her husband’s father and her husband had been in the military.  Her husband’s father made a career of it; son left earlier.  

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