Private Residence – 20th Ave North

Upon arriving, the group noted several remodeling projects in the house. This is usually a good sign since, if ghosts are present, changing their surroundings often brings them out of hiding.  

Despite this, the investigation was not highly active, though it did have some interesting components to it. The sensitives picked up animal entities residing on the property. EMF registered with both “sightings” and at least one picture captured an orb floating only a few feet above the floor.  

The first animal-spirit was that of a feline which stayed near the front doorway. Its energy was not particularly strong, though the homeowner did confirm that a cat had lived in the house and had recently died.

The second animal stayed primarily in one of the bedrooms. It had a strong dog energy and sensitives guessed its breed to be that of a German shepherd. He was associated with someone who spent a great deal of time in the room suffering with a terminal illness, most likely cancer. Again, the homeowner confirmed that a German shepherd had lived in the house but that this particular dog was, to her knowledge, still quite alive and residing in another state. However, she also mentioned that many animals had lived in the residence and perhaps it was another dog of which she was not aware.

For the human specters, the team sensed several personalities. One was, again, the woman who stayed in the back room with a cancer-related illness. She suffered from nausea and discomfort and often went into the bathroom because of this. EMF registered near the bed and several orb images were captured in the bathroom area. After the investigation, the homeowner confirmed that there were two women in the house’s history that were diagnosed with cancer. One was pregnant a short time before her diagnosis and suffered during her term. She fit the description of the illness, often feeling sick to her stomach and staying mostly in the vicinity of the bedroom and bathroom. A short time after giving birth, the woman moved in the house next door and later died of breast cancer.

Sensitives were attracted the land surrounding the house. Some felt as if a suicidal hanging took place in the tree in the front yard, though no historic evidence was found that supported it.  

They also felt that there were entities dwelling in houses all around the property. Digital and 35 mm camera snapshots captured orbs in neighboring yards and by an outside window. The mystery was solved when the homeowner explained that her family had built not only the house we investigated but also those surrounding the property. Over the years, they sold off the other houses but retained this particular home, which was used by various members throughout the years.

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