Private Residence – 66th Street

August 1, 2006 – St. Petersburg

Some investigations are more memorable than others for a variety of reasons. For the old building on 66th Street, there were moments of strong spiritual contact that are rarely encountered during such group investigations. 

Though unmercifully hot, we underwent the investigation without the air conditioning in order to maintain the integrity of the group procedures. At least one member of the team captured an unusual aroma, like a cough drop, while others smelled cigarette smoke. EMF was not particularly unusual for the location, nor were there an abundance of images on photographs, film, or sounds captured on tape. However, the sensitives themselves were quite busy through out the session.

Activity started outside of the building. Upon arrival, several people sensed a fight between two men, one of which was fatally stabbed. The inside of the building included a male entity attracted to women, a woman who died of a cocaine overdose in the ladies room, a cat who roamed the office area, and a few drop-in entities.

The most powerful event, however, was during the collective portion of the investigation. We went to the back of the building where a male entity was sensed. Instead, two female ghosts were strongly drawn to interact with the team. One was a strong dark-haired woman named “Ginger.” She had a dubious past, but liked men. She did not want to work with the female investigators, so the men present attempted an EVP with her. Unfortunately, the results were negative.

The other entity who wanted attention was the woman who died of an overdose. She had quite a moody temperament and was upset at the attention that “Ginger” garnered. The team moved closer to her proximity (the ladies restroom). Sitting in the lobby outside, a most remarkable thing happened: a stream of cold air snaked its way through the group. One sensitive, sitting in the middle of the room, suddenly burst into tears. She was unable to stop the emotions and had to be removed from the area. We learned later that one of the building owners experienced the same thing nearly a year prior to our arrival, and in the same location, though he experienced a visible white mist coming towards him before the emotional outbreak.

The entities were reported by others who had been in the building prior to the investigation, or they were verifiable by research. The man who liked women was possibly a former patron of the establishment who was hit and killed crossing the street right outside the building. His body came to rest just outside the wall to the back of the building where sensitives “felt” him. Others who came through the building also reported seeing the auburn haired lady (“Ginger”). A young man hung out by the pool tables and was spied as a shadow figure by employees.

Oddly, one “standard” entity to the location did not show up for the investigation. Many years ago, a bookkeeper was killed in the building. The owners often felt her presence, and several oddities were attributed to her.  

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