Private Residence – Pasadena Ave

February 19, 2006 – Pasadena

The SPIRITS of St. Petersburg were called in to investigate a condominium in Pinellas County.  This was a control investigation in which the homeowners had no reported haunted activity but called the SPIRITS in for an investigation, as per the request on the website.  This procedure helps keep the team alert as only one person knows if a place is haunted or not.  Information on the location is kept secret until the time of the investigation and only after the SPIRITS has concluded its work is anything revealed from the contact and by the homeowners.

The SPIRITS were quite accurate with their findings.  Very few discovered anything of any remarkable degree.  There were EMF spikes that were recorded; though the group quickly discovered areas of electronics that caused the manifestation.  Some hidden EMF was caused by recharging stations and one floor cleaning robot hidden from view. Orb shots were captured in certain areas of the home as well, though they were light and easily dismissed.   

However, several did note that there was a sense of sadness and oppression in the guest room.  This was, perhaps, one of the oddest aspects of the investigation.  Only as things concluded did anyone learn that the guest room had recently housed a distraught woman who was battling a serious illness.   The homeowners had not thought to reveal that to the contact for the SPIRITS, so there was absolutely no foreknowledge existing within the team at all.  Yet, multiple sensitives within the team, including some of the probationary members looking to join the group, reported the feeling of oppression.  Much of the investigation featured this area of the home, though no true paranormal phenomena happened.

This is where the control investigations help to support the notion of a tri-fold investigation, as utilized by this group.  The SPIRITS is not a strictly technically-based team, as the underlying philosophy includes the use of the participant as an instrument.   Though the equipment could not pick up on any potential psychic residue, the sensitives could.

This revelation, then, leads to another question:  Could there be some sort of psychological nature to the room that caused the feelings of oppression and sadness?  The guest room was richly furnished with darker colors.  This, combined with a ghost hunt and a dark night could create a sense of oppression.  Yet, the master bedroom also had an intensive color scheme that contrasted sharply with the lighter beige coloration of the rest of the building.  Why was this room, alone, singled out by most members there?

The control also served one more purpose:  if the area was not haunted, where did the orbs come from?  In today’s ghost hunting culture, the use of orbs as proof is waning.  This is another example of these white circles manifesting as part of a natural phenomena, likely dust or pet dander stirred up as the group moved through the area.    At the very least, this is a reminder that orb phenomena needs to be heavily scrutinized by investigators before being accepted as proof.

It is through the use of homes, such as the one provided here, that allows investigators to continue to move into greater depth of skill.  It also brings up more questions for consideration when dealing with the scope of the supernatural.

Investigation Notes: 

Notes:  Overcast sky
Start time:  6:30  End Time: 8:30

Others:  2 birds, 2 dogs, homeowners

Living room
Temperature:  73 – 74 degrees
1 small spike for EMF.  1.2 is base of EMF for the living room.

Small spike
1 orb, light refraction
EMF spike in kitchen probably related to the refrigerator cycling on.

Garage:  EMF by water heater, downstairs refrigerator.
Temperature 68 – 69 degrees, but it is closer to the outside (door leads out to yard).
2 spikes, 1.2 – 1.4

Stairwell from 1st floor to 2nd floor:
2 spikes; found the circuit breaker box on wall inside of garage
EMF moved from .2 to 1.0 (could relate to EMF from electronics).

Third floor:
MA bedroom:
EMF .3
Kept feeling a breeze in the MA bedroom
Determined it was the vent
MA closet felt cooler, though temperature was “normal” to the rest of the house.

2nd bedroom:
temperature 71 – 72 degrees
I felt warm and light headed in this room.
EMF increased considerably when lights came on (a lot of wiring running through the home).
Felt chill on right arm, and eventually the coolness dropped off.

Group discussion:
2nd bedroom sensations; 1 orb on stairwell coming from garage, 1 orb above birdcage, 1 orb in living room.  Living room orb showed texture.

We got 8 second bursts of EMF near the bathroom, which indicates it is electronic in nature.

2nd bedroom:  1.0 EMF, EVP attempted.

EMF was steady.

MA bedroom: .5 EMF

Still felt a lot of anxiety, a lot of energy in the room.

Homeowner discussion:

Homeowner reports no activity.

Homeowner did report that she had a guest staying in the second room the week before we came who was going through medical and emotional issues.  She was impressed with the fact that the SPIRITS sensed the energy of anxiety.

SPIRITS advised that she “sage” the house to return it to it’s normal level.

Conclusion:  This was a good control investigation.  I’m impressed by the sensitivity of those who picked up tension in the guest room.  

I do need to review the orb policy.  Three orbs showed up in a home that was not haunted.  Probably dust or light refraction for two of them, but I’m not sure what to make of the “textured” orb.  Could it be naturally produced?  If so, how?

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