Private Residence

October 10, 2009 – St. Petersburg

Sept. 27, 2009; email to SPIRITS of St. Petersburg

Twice in the past week I have seen something here in my area.  This surprised me as I have about 10,0000 items here, some blessed, and I do that white light meditation (though I push for all negativity entities to be out).  Also, my “normal” guy is usually here April, May, June and then goes away.  Yet, Verna did notice something here, though we did not focus on it.

Does this sound like something to investigate, or should I just document things on my own?  The problem is, as many of you empathize with, I can’t tell what is me and what is imagination.  

Note: I saw the mist image over my bed about two nights before I wrote the email (Sept. 25).

Sept. 28, approximately 1 a.m.
While reclining to go to sleep, I saw the white mist again.  This time it was more in the form of a male figure, but not a clearly created one.  I saw a pointed nose and indents for eyes, part of a ¾ profile for the face.  I know I saw a chest and arm and the entity was not looking at me.  I THINK that he may have been moving toward the small window by the a/c.  I know that he was moving though it was if I saw him only as a snapshot.

I had to talk myself into calmness and I did note NO reaction from the pugs.  

Notes from investigation:

Old A/C unit in the window by the kitchenette – energy there. I don’t know why it’s hanging there.  

It’s there.  Different presence.  Not familiar.  I’ve been to the house a few times; it’s not connected to anything in the room.  I felt like something was attached to something in your room before, but this thing might come from the neighbor’s house?

This energy reminds me of swirling energy. 

Write up: 

Ghosts can truly be trying sometimes.  This case involves a member of the SPIRITS of St. Petersburg who felt a presence in her own home.  The sensation of something there had happened prior to her time with the SPIRITS but continued afterward.  The odd thing was that the sensations ranged in intensity and seemed contained primarily to the spring months (Feb. – April).  Sometimes they manifested in strange dreams or the feeling of being watched.  Other times the animals acted up at certain times during the night for no known reason.  At least once she saw a partial manifestation.  Instead of a shadow, this being appeared to be all white as it walked out of a door and toward a window.  The vision was only a fraction of a second but it was enough to have her call in the SPIRITS.

This case is important to note.  There is an unspoken rule in paranormal investigation:  an investigator should NOT investigate their home.  For one, it may lead the mind to suggestion, making the haunting more psychological than actual.  The second factor is giving an entity attention within a home may make it more active.  The last is the lack of subjectivity for the investigator.  It becomes too easy to either over- or under- rationalize an event in the house where one lives. 

There is also something to the notion that the home should be a sanctuary.  Dealing with ghosts can be draining, especially in today’s hectic lifestyle.  Every investigator should have a place where they can go to unwind properly, where they do not have to worry about anything other than what they need to.

Yet, this case also holds a sense of frustration to it.  Whenever activity starts it lasts for such a short time that by the time the SPIRITS mobilize the activity is through.  Reported phenomena have lasted from weeks to days, to even brief intrusions of time.  This time was no exception.  Though the feelings of being watched and animals acted abnormally for about 2 days, the culmination appeared to be the white man who left the house.  The home owner reported that she could see the outline of a male torso, shoulders, one arm swinging forward, and the head. The rest of the entity was unseen.  The sensation of motion was a definite:  the man emerged through the bathroom doorway and headed for a window.

There are other factors that fit in this case, however. The window is one that the home owner reported as manifesting in other activity.  At least once the blinds covering the window slammed backward as if struck, though the windows in the house were closed with minimal air currents.  The crash of the blinds was very loud and woke the woman and her pets, sleeping in a bed across from it. She had dreams featuring deceased relatives who were somehow placed in front of the window.  As other houses on the block had been investigated by the SPIRITS, combined with the fact that one block near the home housed a funeral home while another had a church, allowed for speculation that the street had a vortex and that the window was the portal passing through this particular structure.

The SPIRITS did report the sensation of a swirling energy which is sometimes the remnants of a portal.  The energy in the area was noted as having some EMF.  Several did get a male presence that matched what was in the diary (but not shared beforehand with the team).  However, the sensation of “passerby” seemed to be the most prominent aspect to the case.

There is little that can be done if a vortex exists.  The home owner simply noted the activity.  Recently, she moved into a home on the same block.  The area described with the investigation has been remodeled and is being used as a guest room.  It will be interesting to see if anything new comes from this, or if the remodeling will have stopped the activity.

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