Private Residence – 101010

October 10, 2010 – St. Petersburg

EVP:  “Get out of here”

As witnesses to the turn of a new millennium we have also enjoyed a series of unusual and numerically significant dates. With the advent of 2014 we are falling away from these odd strings of digital perfection.  We will no longer experience dates such as 01-01-01 (carried through to 12-12-12) and with the expiration of 2014 numerological sequences will also end with the date 12-13-14.  Last year ended the reverse date sequence with November 12, 2013 (13-12-11).  So, for the last year that has any odd sequential numbers we shall look back at a case that fell,quite intentionally, on the unusual day of 10-10-10. Note the following:  

*It is a case that can only take place once every 101 years.  

*When added together, 10+10+10 = 1+0+1+0+1+0 = 3. a number considered by ,many cultures and religions as sacred.  

*Ten, itself, is considered by some to be the perfected number as it falls outside the significant numerological  digits of 1- 9 and thus represents completion.  

How did this pan out for the SPIRITS of St. Petersburg and our paranormal investigation?  Wonderfully.  It was a case that provided not only EVP evidence but a home owner who endorsed what we found.  We had additional follow up and new eyewitnesses.  The case was a success.

Was this due to numerology?  Decide for yourself as you go through the information below.  And for our loyal SPIRITS readers, have a happy, safe, and prosperous 2014.  

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Initial Report:

1. Do you experience any of the following?
Visual: Seeing a shadow/shadowy figure(s), dark form, dark cloud of gray/black color
Visual: Unexplained movement caught from the peripheral (corner of the eyes)
Visual: Full manifestation 
Physical/feeling: Cold drafts or cold spots found only in a certain location(Barring drafts created by the a/c or heating units, fans, and windows).
Feeling/Touch: Unusually warm spots or drafts  found only in a certain location.Feeling/touch: Moving cold or hot spots in the house.Abnormal behavior of other electronics and computers.
Sensation:  Feeling watched, heard sounds of typewriters, copier, tapping, papers shuffling, scaring some employees but nothing mean (some just get creeped out by it)

2. If animals are in the vicinity, have they been observed (check all that apply): 
No Response

3. Have you experienced any of the following?  Please check all that apply.
No Response

4. Is there any other phenomena that you have experienced that we did not ask you about?  If so, please list and describe.
Not that I can think of.

5. Do you experience any anomalous health conditions that might impact these experiences? If so, how might they be impacted? (Medication, physical sensations, etc.?) 
Office; multiple users.

6. To your knowledge, did any of the following events happen on the property?
No Response

7. When was the property/location built? Was the location recently remodeled/refurbished? If so, when? Do you have any information on the history of the property? 
1953.  Within the 50s. Remodeled in 2003; when it became an office.
8. A time line of paranormal activity is immensely helpful. Please note as much information as possible, including dates, times, events, who was present, and what happened.
Do know that the property was owned by a group XXXXXXX prior to current occupants. Remodeled in 2003; don’t know why group left (moved to Atlanta area). No other known reports of activity…. Hear more often later in day and on weekends. Saturday. (Contact and owner both hear noises).+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++FIELD NOTES (10-10-10)

Brandy:  1.03 – 1.38 mG on puck.
While we were talking:  noise happened.  Owner: noises happen a lot in this building.  No ice maker.  The noise occurred again;  find cause? 

Areas to recheck:Outside SE corner.  Outside NE front corner.Front office area to owner’s office.  Back bathroom, kitchen, storage office.First cubicle area to hall (walk through). Les checked the copier room and it does have a slant; so does the hallway behind it.  (Might explain some phenomena).

Remodeled by this company in 2003; had been reworked the year before.Did belong to prior business; they had worked with the current company before.  Current tenants had made the house into two parts — daughter and son-in-law, plus kids, lived in the east side of the house; mother and father lived in the western part of the house.  Had separate entry; the office in the front would have been their main office.Verna:  I think that the entities have nothing have to do with them.

 Contact:  If I am here alone, I’ll hear the sound of typing.  There is a frequent sound of clicking in the building. Those who come in often check to see if there is any typing or anyone else in the building.The cleaning man has said that he has felt a man had been here.  He texted her, said that the paranormal activity had heightened (end of August).The person who saw the phenomena; I saw something and I looked, and it was almost like a white flowing , form in the area.  Have had instances where people complain about smells; unexplained illnesses.  

Post Investigation:

Brandy, Thank you to you and your group, I had a great time. It was neat to hear some of the stuff confirm what we heard, smelled etc.[snipping]. I asked the girl who has heard the knocking on the window which window it is and it is the window in the rear of the office on the east side. (Where you got the heightened readings). [snipping]  One of our past employee’s son’s had seen a man sitting with all of us at a morning meeting and had mentioned it to his mom. There was no man at our meeting at that time. This took place about 5 years ago. 

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