Enchanted – Business

November 12, 2011 – St. Petersburg

This month we’ll keep the article short as this investigation included a unique mix of psychics and metaphysics.  The site is a well known metaphysical store in St. Petersburg known as the Enchanted Forest.  It seems a natural spot for a haunting or two; what spirit who wouldn’t want to hang out in a place where communication with the living is welcome?

This investigation was certainly unique as the location, itself, holds a variety of wonderful objects.  Items for sale include everything from herbs to incense, crystals to crystal skulls, pendulums, amulets, and books galore.  The store is an eclectic assortment of items as you can see from the image above.

Though the building has been through many changes over the years the current owner and employees certainly care for their undead guests.  Friendly spirits are welcome.  They make their presence known through the smell of cooking food, shadowy movements, and even rearranged merchandise. Everyone takes this with a good humor.  Corporal or not, in this store friends are friends.

For those interested in readings or psychic studies, both are offered here. In addition to SPIRITS’ sensitives, those representing the store were adept at spirit communication, psychic readings, and more.  It made for a most unique evening!

To learn more, read the reports below.

Field Notes:

11-12-11 (Enchanted)

Sensitives picked up a woman crying in the store.
One person reported a chill, another said her hair was pulled.

A man was sensed by a display case. He was described as thin, graying hair.  He felt bad because everyone he knew left him.  He plays tricks and flips things over. His name may be John.

The building was once apartments.  

One person picked up a higher level being who was in charge of the other entities.  

There was also a schism with the business; things were unsettled. (Prior partners split up and the business went to one of them).

Brandy:  I got there at the very end of the session.  The room was warm; while listening to the reports, I felt dizzy.  The EMF is high in the building, but during the reports, even though it was the 0 – 100 scale, there were small spikes.   The EMF dropped to 2.5 and stayed there as the reports wound down.  Cool draft to my left while we were talking.

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