Private Residence – 501

November 19, 2011 – St. Petersburg

Each SPIRITS of St. Petersburg case is unique. In this instance, the higher than average number of eye witnesses willing to tell their stories set this apart. The home owner experienced activity since buying the house.  Her job required psychological and physical examinations. It seemed unlikely that she would imagine these events. As her job took her on extended trips she also had roommates, two of whom told their stories.  
Besides these individuals, at least one other roommate, a very strong man with military background, had stayed here. For reasons he never explained the man packed up and left, refusing to return for items he left behind. Reports ranged from shadow figures to moving items, unexplained noises, and energy shifts.

The entities here did not match the research. There were at least two specific personalities in the house. The first was a woman who resided in the workout room. She appeared to be drenched in water and panicked, almost as if something traumatic had recently happened. There is a possibility that she was the entity who slammed bedroom doors. She was not fond of couples in the house (some of the roommates had boyfriends over and the activities increased; she may have also chased out the man mentioned above). There is a possibility that she was the victim of an abusive relationship which is why she would not allow for men in the home.

This same room had the feeling of a vortex. Sensitives felt a high energy and motion, even fluttering movements. Others commented on a palpable sensation of an energy shift. Where this vortex came from and why remains a mystery as well. There were no reports of strange behavior other than a prior owner who was a so-called “cat woman” (had multiple cats in the house and associated primarily with them). Yet, nothing in the home indicated that this was her.  Though a possible drop in, there was nothing in the house that we saw to indicate the residents had dabbled in the supernatural to bring in unwanted guests.

Yet, the twist to this case is that there was a second energy present. It did not interact with the first but was likely the source of the shadow figures and physical sightings, as well as creating sounds. This person was likely a former home owner; the SPIRITS guess that he may have been the original owner of the house. He was an unpleasant fellow – bossy and loud. He was not dangerous, however. He simply put out a vibe of displeasure. Oddly, he also stayed with the older part of the house, the section nearest the kitchen and bar.  

Overall, the unusual historic disconnection from the entities themselves is a bit unsettling. It is always preferable to have a case that wraps up neatly and connects the home owner to the situation. Here, however, the advise could only be to continue to exert influence over the house, to ask the entities to leave, and to attempt a cleansing.

his one is set apart due to the high number of eye witnesses who agreed to be interviewed about the case.  The home owner had a job that took her out of the area for extended periods of time.  She had roommates to watch over her house and each person reported activity.  At least one man staying in the house simply packed up his belongings and left.  He refused to come back for items he left behind and simply cut all ties.  The history of the home did not match to the rather odd haunted activity.

Field Notes:

Brandy:  Equipment was really odd tonight.  Paranormal Puck was really high and not verified by the other equipment.  EMF meter has been acting oddly.  Temperature recorded at 73 and .2  EMF in the workout room.  At one point watching the temperature it went from 73 to 69 to 73/74.  At this point the EMF also started to spike.  Beth was picking up a female, timid, frightened.  Are you here?  Spike.  Are you here?  Spike.  Then, I asked if she would talk with us shortly and it spiked each time we asked the question.  2 are here.  Felt very cool, and then when Beth said it calmed down then it felt warmer. 

Big Bed:  74 degrees; recorded. .2 EMF
Room with low bed:  EMF under track lighting 76 -74.  .2 away from track lighting.  Odd spike  could not explain.  Tested camera to verify that it was not that.  Pool room:  EMF was a .2; 77 – 78.  The EMF responded to me for unknown reasons.    Kitchen:  EMF low except around appliances.   Outside:  .2 EMF with a spike.  84 degrees.
Rechecked the workout room, MA bedroom.
The entities were not very strong.  No real response.  Did test the floor in the workout room for level.  It seems to be very very mildly slanted.
In the MA bedroom we talked and determined that there is likely a vortex in the workout room.  Surmised that there are multiple entities that are going through the house at different times, though the one entity in the bar area does not leave.
PK activity:  doors, locks, footsteps, furniture moving, doors, discomfort in room, watched, emotional hostile sensation, animals fleeing area.  Sudden recognition, seeing something unseen, tracking something unseen, unusual dreams, interrupted dreams, clairvoyance, retrocognition

No knowledge of property (violent deaths, etc).  Property built in 1956 and refurbished in 1971.  Back bedroom – door shook, doors would lock and unlock, happened more when there was a male present.  Home owner had a dream with a woman, door knobs turning, running, boyfriend would come over and he would see a woman walk by in the MA bathroom.  He though it was me and I was no one around.  On 6 -27, when the power was shut off, and I could feel her touch me.  I think that she was angry last night and it was a male roommate.  We moved the bed out of the back bedroom into the weight room and she got angry.  That is when she shut the whole house down.  

There was a woman who did live here with lots of cats.  They see people pass in this area.  The a/c is on 73, and they look to see that the thermostat is turned up. Someone trying to get the door open.  Dog fixated on the back bedroom.   When the home owner was gone (deployed)  someone checked on the house and discovered a piece a glass on  by the Jacuzzi.

Visitor 1:  When my husband and I stayed here one night, at 3:30 I woke up and stared at the corner.  My husband heard me and said, ‘yeah, there is someone watching us.  Don’t worry about it and go back to sleep”.

Visitor 2:  I moved here in August.  I brought all of my stuff in and set up.  I was here but I started here; I knew nothing of what was going on here.  I started to feel uncomfortable to sleep.  I would be up until 3 in the morning, then started to stay up until daybreak and then I’d sleep.  I would sit on the couch and I would see people moving back and forth.  I would check the door to make sure it was locked and would find it unlocked.  The last night that I stayed here I had a guy friend stay here with me.  At 1:30 in the morning, and someone seemed to grab the handle and pull on and shake the door. I searched the house and there was no one here.  I would see movement in the hallway, thinking it was the dog, and there was no one there (they would be in a room together).  When checking on the house I checked the door, left, worried that I hadn’t  checked the door, went back to where I started and saw the glass./  The dog would constantly stare at the back corner of the room.
Home owner:  Guests have said that they could see someone staring at them, saw the door shaking. 

I had lived here 2 years and never had anything drastic happen.  Saw th4e door open and close.  I left for my deployment, started to date a guy and he was staying over one night.  Every time I talk about this dream, I feel this premonition feeling.  In this dream, this is where a lot of things that you guys said ties in.  In this dream, there was a man and a woman.  There was a lot of energy, noises, trying to figure out what was going on with the house.  The next thing I know, I am sitting in front in the doorway and he is pointing a gun at me.  Then I dream t that I saw this woman with dark hair, looked kind of wet, dark hair, I asked if she was dead, there was no response.  I heard walking in the hallway, whirling, and felt someone pushing the door.  I was exhausted; stopped at 7 a.m.  Since then, things have picked up.  Noises of walking in the kitchen.   Somebody walking through the area, and hearing popping noiss.  I would hear noises and I would hear the sounds of the doors are opening.  Biggest incident that happened – sitting on the couch, the power went out, then it came back up.   The back bedroom door was visibly shaking, but I said, “Isabella, stop,” and it stopped.  I feel very unwanted in my own home.  I can feel someone standing in the back hallway staring at me.  That day I had been talking with a man about moving into that room.

Most recent:  I used to shut that back door and I felt that someone was in that room watching.  The door can shake it if it Is shut.  I heard a loud scratching sound.  I asked “Is everything okay” and no response or anything.  Shortly after, sitting on the couch, I heard a distant scream, and I felt that my entire face started to burn.  
Incidents seem to have problem more with men that are here.  Those lights flicker on and off.

Visitor 1:  There was one time when the male roommate and the three of us were here, and one person said “Isabel was a whore” and the track light fell nearly on her.   When I’m here I feel my legs go numb.  One little boy who was sleeping in the office heard pipes banging together, and I feel like someone is pressing down on my leg.
Owner before the previous owner had a lot of cats.  Looking at prior owners, each owner signed the deed over.  It looked like the deeds were signed by owner (so no death).  Single women mostly.

Visitor 2:  Always saw a man with a button up dream each time I was over here. He would always be in the dream.  
Tested the bedroom by sending Les and Beth in to lie down.   No response.  Set up hunting camera in workout room to see what would happen.
Owner:  The man would use the restroom and he would see a woman with long hair walk past that door.  It wasn’t me – I was outside the house.


Brandy’s Report
1. What was your role in this investigation? 
Investigator (general)

2. What equipment did you use on this investigation?
Paranormal PuckThermometerDigital cameraIR video cameraComputerAudio recording devicesOther (please specify)Outdoor IR hunting/game camera.

3. What phenomena did you experience on this investigation? (Please check all that apply)
Odd behavior of equipmentBattery drainage or power outageElectrical phenomena (lights, equipment acting up)

4. In review of the footage, recording, or photographs taken at the location, which of the following did you find? (Please check all that apply)
Other (please specify below)See equipment below.

5. What technical observations did you note during the investigation? For purposes of categorizing data, please post your first name, followed by your response.
I don’t even know where to start on this one. It seems that I had a universal issue with equipment on this case. Video camera: Though charged, it showed no charge during the first half of the investigation in which we were picking up activity. I charged the camera for 20 minutes and it showed a full charge (though it takes longer to charge than that). The remainder of the night, the camera acted normally though the activity had stopped. Charged camera at home and thus far the charge has held just fine. Paranormal Puck: This registered immense amounts of EMF and acted as if the homeowner had ungrounded wires. It is the last piece of equipment that I will test. The EM readings did not match what two other EM meters picked up. Trifield EMF meter: My Trifield got spikes that Les’s Trifield did not. In the area of the pool room, the meter also acted like a natural EM meter (I have one of those as well and recognize the needle movement pattern). It responded to my touch twice. The first time I put the meter down and it flat lined. I picked it up again and it did the same odd response. It did not do this again that night, or since the investigation. Audio Recording: The EVP file was 45 minutes long. In the middle of it (about minute 15 – minute 20) the EVP has an echo effect. The view screen shows almost different recording patterns. This took place when the one former roommate was speaking of her experiences in the house. It did not happen before or after on the recording, nor has it before (I finished listening to a series of 8 downloaded EVP sessions over the past week). Thermometer: In the area of most haunting, the thermometer registered 74 degrees. It dropped to 69 then went back up to 74. In testing this piece of equipment the next day there was no response, though the temp reading was low. The following day’s test, however, registered a low battery signal. I replaced the battery and the meter seemed to register more accurately. For this reason, this incident will be dismissed as pre-battery failure (before the meter alerted me of the issue). The outdoor camera recorded one false positive video. The next day, at home, it promptly burned itself out, melting the plastic casing and the foam in my carry case. The camera had been carried around for about 6 months prior and tested for the week before the investigation. Why it melted at this time is unknown. One possibility exists that I did change the batteries right before the investigation. Perhaps there was a bad battery in the lot that caused the equipment to burn out? We did test the one room for possible slant. The level that I have is very small but did show the very minutest of potential floor slants.

7. What researched/historical information did you learn about this location? For purposes of categorizing data, please post your first name, followed by your response.
See notes taken.

8. Rate the level of perceived haunted activity of this location. 1 represents no activity, 5 moderate activity and 10 represents extreme activity.

9. What issues does the review team need to address with the occupant (homeowner, business owner, resident)? What aspects of the investigation need to be re-addressed, retested, or clarified?
Need to research prior home owners to see if there was a woman who was abused and/or killed in the home.

10. Is there any other information that you would like to add about this investigation? For purposes of categorizing data, please post your first name, followed by your response.
That was SO strange. Never had equipment behave so differently and so badly. The bag is secured and kept in the house (with a/c). It has been used for a while now. Reasons for the various issues is unknown, but I believe that it is more than coincidence.

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