Private Residence

November 2, 2013 – St. Petersburg

As we approach the impending Fall season and the advent of all things Hallowe’en, this seemed a perfect investigation to set the mood. The eerie nature of the results of the investigation was something rarely experienced by the members of the SPIRITS of St. Petersburg. The home seemed perfectly normal, welcoming and warm. Inside the structure, however, lurked something more. 

The initial contact related to a mother concerned for her child. She reported activity in her young son’s room which included toys turning on by themselves when not touched, and odd feelings in the room. The SPIRITS noticed something rather odd in the setting: a palpable darkness that filled the area. During the investigation the room actually seemed to absorb the light, to get darker. Sensitives saw a strange little man in the room who demanded attention of them. Yet, once again the human eye detected what equipment did not: though several images were taken, none showed the darkness or the old man.

The research on the home was also unusual as the records were blocked. This is presumed to be related to the nature of employment of one of the parents but it did not aid in obtaining results for the SPIRITS investigation.

What do we do with this? What happens when a group reports phenomena that are not captured by equipment? And what does a home owner do with the knowledge? Sadly, though we initially were contacted to do a second investigation, the home owner never followed up to our inquiries. We could not repeat the investigation to find a cause for the darkness.

Home Owner Survey (pe-investigation):

Checks yes to the following — 
 Feeling/touch: The sensation of being touched, caressed, tapped, or other physical contact
  Visual: Unexplained movement caught from the peripheral (corner of the eyes)
  Visual: Full manifestation
  Physical/feeling: Cold drafts or cold spots found only in a certain location (Barring drafts created by the a/c or heating units, fans, and windows).
  Visual: Lights turning on/off for unknown reasons
  Doors opening/closing without assistance.
  Sounds: Whispering, muttering, talking
  Sounds: unexplained shouts, screams, or calling (hearing one’s name being called)
  Sounds: footsteps
  Sounds: thumping, knocking, taps, scratching
  Sensations: uncomfortable feeling/discomfort in a particular room or at a particular time for an unknown reason?
  Sensation: Feeling watched

2.If animals are in the vicinity, have they been observed: 

  Atypical or strange behavior
  Watching something unseen
  Tracking something unseen

3. Have you experienced any of the following?

  Unusual dreams: Dreams that seem external or unrelated to the dreamer, though projections, or inteD2dupted dreams.

4. Is there any other phenomena that you have experienced that we did not ask you about? If so, please list and describe:

  Childrens toys activating at randomly at night

5. Do you experience any anomalous health conditions that might impact these experiences? If so, how might they be impacted? (Medication, physical sensations, etc.?)


6. To your knowledge, did any of the following events happen on the property? 
 We have no knowledge of historical events on the property. 

7. When was the property/location built? Was the location recently remodeled/refurbished? If so, when? Do you have any information on the history of the property?
 The house was built in 1965 and we are the 3rd owners. The 2nd owners remodeled the kitchen prior to us purchasing the house. We have updated the roof, windows and master bed/bath. The land that the house was built on was once part of the Taylor Farm. 

8. A time line of paranormal activity is immensely helpful. Please note as much information as possible, including dates, times, events, who was present, and what happened.

2003 We purchased the house and our daughter was born. Crib and push button toys would activate and “talk” at night. We would hear sounds of a kid awake but when we checked she would be sleeping. 

2005-2009 We moved her to another room and her nursery became my office. I would experience drafts and the feeling of “being watched”or someone behind me but nobody was there.The room would get cold and I would get the feeling of having to “flee” the room. During this time my daughter complained of a “little boy” in her room. According to her he would keep her awake and “want to play”. We would hear sounds indicating she was awake but when we checked she would be sound asleep. Push button toys would activate or play. She wasn’t afraid of this boy but was annoyed by him as he would not let her sleep.

 2007-2011 my infant son moved into the “office.” Crib toys would talk and activate (specifically a doll that said the Now I Lay Me prayer). Today this is still my sons room. He repeatedly complained of a “large Man” in his room that he called piece a wood (pronounced ‘pisawood’). According to my son Pisawood would hold him down in bed and block the doorway so he couldn’t get out of his room at night. Also he described Pisawood as a tall and big man that wore old clothes and had a “thing” on is arm. 

Our oven light flickers on and off at odd intervals repeatedly for no apparent reason (ongoing since 2003)

I continually hear my name called, either “mommy” or “Lisa” , and hear childrens running footsteps through the house followed by a feeling of a child at the side of my bed, but nobody is there. This occurs as I am almost asleep at night, several times a week.  

On one occasion I had a dream that dead people lined my bed and they were looking for help. I was about to talk to a little boy when an aggressive man cut the line and attempted to enter my body. What is odd is I do not remember waking up, just “being awake” following this. 

Our dog will bark at the entrance to our bedroom and will stare at the wall with her ears perked as if listening. 

Follow up email: 
Just an update. This probably has nothing to do with anything but “weird dreams” was on your list. Last night I dreamt that I had gone to see a woman who could talk to spirits. As a rounded the corner of her house a was “sucked” backward and could not continue. It was impossible to move as I was completely “aware” that the spirit was not approving of talking to this woman. Odd, but most likely related to contacting SPIRITS. 
Location Research:  This property was blocked from standard research modes.  

Additional research regarding investigation: 
George Allen Abrams

Birth: Nov. 9, 1899

Seattle King County Washington, USA

Death: Dec. 5, 1986

Clearwater Pinellas County Florida, USA 

US Navy veteran – WW II


Sylvan Abbey Memorial Park

Clearwater Pinellas County Florida, USA [1]

Major League Baseball pitcher 

Cincinnati Reds

played one season 1923

pitched three games [2]

Abrams was 23 years old when he broke into the big leagues on April 19, 1923, with the Cincinnati Reds. [3]

Other related sports facts available [4]

Cincinnati Reds had spring training at Stetson University ballpark, Deland, Florida 1923 – photo enclosed. Details [5]







SPIRITS Field Reports:

SPIRITS Field Reports:

1. What was your role in this investigation? (Please check one)

Investigator (general) 

2. What equipment did you use on this investigation?

Audio recording devices 
Electro Magnetic Field Meter (EMF meter) 

3. What phenomena did you experience on this investigation? (Please check all that apply)

Sensation of energy 
Peripheral vision manifestation 
Noted increased darkness in baseball room with several others agreeing 

4. In review of the footage, recording, or photographs taken at the location, which of the following did you find? (Please check all that apply)

No unusual occurrences at all 
still reviewing audio. 

6. Rate the level of perceived haunted activity of this location, rank it 0 – 5.

1: Residue haunting (Mild) [Some information validiated, some unable to validate] 

7. What issues does the review team need to address with the occupant (homeowner, business owner, resident)? What aspects of the investigation need to be re-addressed, retested, or clarified? Does this investigation require an immediate recheck?

I think there should be a recheck to find further info about the image witnessed in the boy’s room.

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