Friday the 13th at Patty and Friends Event

October 13, 2017 – St. Petersburg

We had a blast on Friday the 13th at Patty and Friends!  The ambiance was great.  The ghosts interacted with two tours but seemed tuckered out with the last one — but, then again, so were we!  This event also was the grand unveiling of our new book, Shadows in the Sunshine:  The Lesser Known Haunts of St. Petersburg.   Brandy was running up on deadline and had been delayed with the book due to Irma and her final thesis.  It literally arrived the day before the event! We made the Tampa Bay Times in the “Things To Do” section. There was a mysterious hearse that showed up with the name “Henrietta” on the back, and people even brought gifts! (See:  Skull bracelet, the pug poster in honor of the paranormal pugs).

The people were totally awesome and we had several reported interactions.  Check out the images below and a few of our sound files to get an idea of what it was like!

Diane P. gave permission to upload her images:

Participant reports from the event!  The first has one person, the second has several reports, and the third has one.

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