Patty and Friends VALENTWE’EN Ghost Tour

February 18, 2017 – St. Petersburg

The haunted area from the lobby heading to the space belonging to “The Tinkerer”.  Our books are ready for new owners, too!

This year Valentwe’en is jumping from college campus to the community! Where better to celebrate this Valentine’s Day/Hallowe’en mash up holiday than in a haunted antiques store? The event was a great success and we thank all of the folks who came. Here are a few highlights from the evening:  

There were three tours throughout the night.  The first tour started off with people reporting a feeling of heaviness in the upstairs/left area, where we have had phenomena before.  This may be the area of the maid, Bessie.  In past years we have had odd aromas, headaches, sensations of pain in hands, and items reported as moving in that area.  

One person said that she saw a music box move slightly as we walked toward the stairwell.

The area with the Tinkerer had people reporting feeling a heaviness in the area.

One young woman said that her hand did hurt upstairs during the tour,but at the end of ti she felt fine.

The first tour also experienced aromas in the second floor (top) left area, where heaviness was experienced.  While leading the tour, I also smelled the aroma, almost as if it was moving past the group.  The people up there did try to find the source of the smell but could not.  It did not happen for the rest of the night.

Several groups reported smelling coffee downstairs as we neared the area where Bryan was waiting.  Indeed, this one did have a natural explanation — there was a coffee cup from McDonald’s in the area. 

Two people on two tours reported smelling cigar smoke downstairs.  This is something that I HAD NOT included with the tour discussion until after I was told about it.

We played the EVP from an earlier investigation.  People heard grunts, the song, and one person got “I am here”.  (We still don’t know what he’s saying for certain!) 

We did try to experiment with the Tinkerer.  On both tours, we saw minimal temperature drops of about 1 – 2 degrees but that was it.  The Tinkerer, if I can say that I felt him, seemed a bit out of place with the attention and if I didn’t know better I’d say he left the area after each of the tours came through.  The first tour there was notable cold, which I’m familiar with in that area.  The second tour the cold was diminishing and the third tour had none at all.  

This year we included a guest sign in book.  Brandy Stark even got a gift from “Postcards from St. Petersburg” author, Christine Crews!  It was a fantastic night.  Patty and Friends has invited us to do another tour for October 2017.

For More information About Valentwe’en, please check the official page.  Valentwe’en 2018 is one year away and will take place on Feb. 13.  Come and participate in the fun!:

My first historic postcard (left) and our first guest sign in book (right). 

If you want more on the haunting and history of  Patty and Friends, we have books available.   Patty’s will start to sell copies of the book after 2/25/17, they are available on, and will be brought to future SPPI/SPIRITS events.  A Kindle edition is also available.

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