Private Home

December 26, 2019

House built: 1949
​Single family unit. Refurbished twice.  Current home owner bought and moved in over summer 2019.  Home sold a total of 5 times. 

Home owner did report that the neighbors told her that a prior owner was hit and killed about a block from the house (scooter accident; car hit him on scooter).  His wife and son continued to live at the home for a time afterward. [Research:  A fantastic number of hit and runs in the area, but few results under deadly accident and none tied to known names associated with address].

At the investigation, home owner also reported that the same neighbors told her about another owner who died in the house.  (Not found in research as of yet).  The neighbors said that the man had metal deterioration and had begun to do odd things (hanging shower curtains on the fence, certain that his neighbors were out to get him).  

Reported phenomena:  Home owner moved into house. She did some traveling back and forth moving down from up north.  Starting in September, she started to hear stomping, thumping, and noises in the house.  They kept her awake at night.  Occurrence happened nearly nightly, usually starting at 11 a.m. and going to 4 a.m.  Witnessed by sister, daughter, neighbors.  

Home owner originally thought that there may be an animal in the attic.  She had two people come out to inspect the attic, seal up any holes, and set out traps.  The traps never caught anything (the SPIRITS saw them on the night of the investigation; all traps were empty and dusty).  

Note:  Home owner’s dog would not go into the master bedroom.

Neighbors did set up a camera in the attic and got a “blob” on camera.  However, when the SPIRITS checked the attic, there was old insulation which was quite dusty.  Video image of the neighbors setting up the camera showed that there was plenty of dust present. A second image with a white item on a glass door could be replicated as likely light and shadow.  

Home owner reported the smell of “rotten” (a dog that rolled in barf was her description). 

Her ring camera goes off all of the time even though there is no one there. 

She did pray over the house and did an oil smudge.

The week before the SPIRITS came out, the neighbors brought over a psychic who had been on national TV.  He did a sage smudging of the house.  He picked up one entity in the home, an older male, who was truly sorry that he was bothering the family.  However, the male did continue his activity after the smudging.

Two days before the SPIRITS investigation (December 24) the noises were very loud.  She also got up that morning, went to get her children up, and came back to find two letters taken from a children’s alphabet toy and set on the floor — K and C (KC).  She initially thought that this referred to her home town up North.  The noises stopped for Christmas.  The SPIRITS came out December 26th.

​First walk through: 

Kristi: Temperature gauge; lowest readings on the left side of the MA bedroom, outside of the house and into the same spot the bed, lower temp readings. 73 to 67 in that spot.

Ana: I picked up on an energy bouncing from the boy’s room, the bathroom to the MA bedroom. Comes out of the child’s room, to the bathroom, goes to the corner in front of the closet by the bed.  

Lora: My attention kept getting drawn to the restroom; my sensitivities picked up on something that likes the candles. It likes the ambiance of the house. Whatever is in the bathroom isn’t the only thing here. There is a male and female energy. The mirror in the hallway creates an energy in the house that allows it to move freely. It likes the bedroom; I picked up more on the female energy. I brought my pendulum out; I was asking questions. The first time I asked gender, it was male. Then the female energy came through for me. I was asking, “Did you live in this house or were you related to the family?” Not related to the family, but lives here. She is looking out for you all, but she is looking out for the home owner. She is protective. I didn’t get much else on the masculine energy….I asked if the masculine energy is okay and she said yes.

Lisa: I got more of a masculine energy in the house. Before I can ask you anything, I am giving it all. You have a lot of mirrors in the house, but a lot of the mirrors face each other or are reflective of water, window panes and a lot of instances of it creating a vortex or portal (an easy energy source). Daughter’s room has 5 mirrors, MA room has mirrors as well. 

[Computer began to reboot at this time].  Summary of notes:  Lisa sensed a male presence in the house hold.

Second walk through:  EVPs, videos, and photos taken in MA bedroom, which attaches to a secondary bedroom.  Nothing showed up on the photos or thermal imager images.

SPIRITS members also checked the attic.  Several sensed an energy of a small animal (or elemental) in the  attic.  A cat, bird, or some other creature moved in the attic.  It did not respond to us, but it did not get along with the male entity in the house.  

The male entity took over most of the investigation.  Though the investigators came in cold (did not know about the prior contact with the ghost), they also picked up on the older man.  He liked to make himself known by walking around.  It was his house, he had been a prior home owner.  He did like the family that was in there and wanted ot protect them.  

At one point, the home owner did tell us that her child had woken up from a nightmare.  He was very distraught and she was upset — she yelled at the ghost to leave the child alone.  The ghost was very very strong in nothing that he did not cause the night terror, but he was upset that the child was upset. 

The male did not like the upstairs entity and often attempted to get it to leave.  Sensitives thought that was part of the noises of the house — the old man going after the animal to get it to go. 

Suggestions were made to focus the attention of the entity.  If he wanted to protect the house, that was fine but he needed to allow the home owner to sleep.  We advised that the entity select a spot and guard the front of the house — a focused task.  Sensitives said that he seemed amenable to that.

The was a faint female entity.  She had been on the property and then involved in an accident.  She returned to the property (possibly as she might have known the prior home owners) as it was something that she was familiar with.  She will most likely cross over on her own.

Attempts to research more on the man who died in the house needs to be done.

I did contact the home owner after the investigation.  She again reported finding the letters “K” and “C” under a chair, this time in the dining area (right next to the kitchen).  We asked her if she would put the letters back in the toy chest, but this time at the very bottom to see what might happen.  However, the noise has not yet returned.  (She did note a pattern that the noise would happen for a long period of time, then stop for about two days before coming back again).  It the night of the 26th to the 27th was the second day of silence.  Have not yet heard back from home owner, so assuming that the house is still quiet.

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