February 13, 2020 – St. Petersburg

Dale, Brandy, and Veva

 The request: 
Your Question: Hello! I’m having some very strange behavior from my pet at my apartment in St Pete. I moved here a few months ago, and I’ve taken her to the vet to have her checked out. There are no issues. I would really like to see if I could have someone come out to check out my place. My pet growls and hisses behind her, and she runs and hides in the closet. If I approach her, she’s fine. I’m just concerned since medically she checks out fine. Worth looking into perhaps? Thanks in advance.

Location (Marina): 
The apartments were built in 1981 and completely renovated in 2017. I did see where permits were pulled in 1998 and 2011 for “damage fire, flood, vehicle” but couldn’t find for which units since the permits are now expired. Apartments are hard because any previous resident could have left some energy behind or participated in certain practices while living in the apartment and without knowing every resident that’s ever lived in that apartment, it’s hard to determine anything. I did find 3 names of occupants [Omitted]. A MG of St Petersburg died in 2016 (Nov 13). He was 64 when he passed, but I don’t know if it’s the same one who lived in the apartment.

1st walk through: 

Veva: Nothing upstairs. When we started to review the kitchen area, I was getting a pressure over my left eye. Went into the ground floor bedroom, nothing. Out to the kitchen, got pressure on my left eye, went over to the front door, nothing. One foot in front of the stairs, pressure in the head. Possible response to EMF upstairs from computers. Just as you started to talk, I got a scratch in my left eye.

Dale: While I was down by the front door, I felt a slight dizziness, Slight right of the door, by the computers. EMF picking up strong signal upstairs to the right of the bed (2.5). 

Brandy: Loft bedroom, 1.4 EMF as a base over the bed. EMF went up to 3 at the computers, the charging station to the left of the bed, bathroom had the Alexa, more EMF. We did try a communication with EMF meter with only one small spike, but nothing consistent. 1st Floor bedroom cooler; placement of the room. Outlets higher EMF . Curious about the grounding. (Home owner did say that they had electrical issues). Dizzy at front door. Living room: chill: EMF was 1.2 and I took temp 72.8 -73.

Second walk through:
We stayed in the living room. We did discover that there was a lot of energy (wires needing grounding?) We did verify that areas of high EMF also had response from the live wire detector. We did try to see if anyone would respond, based on the names from the research. We used the EMF meter and got responses that the entity was a friend of the home owner, knew her from the neighborhood. We had very little other response and it’s hard to say that it’s not the EMF in the building (which has two routers).  

We did check the floor for level and it does appear to be slightly slanted. 
Home owner did say that she called us in primarily because of her cat. The animal is 18 years old and has fits of fear throughout the day. The last time she behaved like this was when they lived in a haunted building in Ohio. Activity there included items moving, odd noises, and the building was historic with documented deaths. The woman has moved with the cat in the past and not had this reaction and because the behavior was a carryover from Ohio, with the haunted home, they wanted to make sure that everything was okay. 

The cat’s behavior was originally only witnessed by her, but later by her friends and her aunt. The behavior is odd, and the vet has not found anything medically wrong with the cat. The cat also acts out in front of the door – the one area that all three investigators reported as an area of odd feelings.

​Recheck with home owner on Feb. 20, 2020:  The cat has been behaving normally.  We did advise that she may want to make sure to unplug or stop using the aroma/air freshners in case that is a problem for the cat.  We have advised home owner to contact us if things change, but if everything is calmer then let’s hold off. 

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