World’s Largest Ghost Hunt

September 25, 2020 – Mirror Lake and Albert Whitted

What is the white image on the woman on the left?  Is it her hand?  A reflection?  Or something more?  This showed up on only one of five images taken by Marina, and after Cassandra asked us to go to this area.  She sensed a presence and asked for pictures to be taken of her at this time. 

EVPs from Albert Whitted.  First one:  Correcting his last name.  There are no men with us when this was recorded, but a distinctly male voice corrects the mispronunciation.  (In another clip, a SPIRITS member also corrects this).

EVP:  Not sure.  Same session, location, but voice sounds more feminine?

EVP:  “What’s that?”

Mirror Lake:  31 people total attended. 
Live broadcast:

Mirror Lake was a bit of a surprise.  Though the legend is about a lady of the lake (a woman murdered in the area), what was picked up was a male presence by the banyan tree on the east edge of the lake (near the library side of the lake).  

A person came back at the end and told us of a couple of other hot spots:

Albert Whitted Airport:  Facebook Live —  (1:14)

We had a one minute follow up here:

Items of note:  The pug started to stare at nothing while we were at the former Goodyear Blimp hanger.  Cassandra sensed two individuals with us, a male and a female.  We did get an odd image of Cassandra when she asked us to take pictures with us. 

The EMF meter did spike with “are you present with us” but would not identify beyond that. 

At minute 54, while we are in the flight lounge, the phone, which was charging, attempted to autofocus (first and only time), then fell on its own.  (But….is that really supernatural?)

The flight lounge area seems to be the most active area during the investigation. It does appear that we made contact with a gentleman who passed away at the airport during a crash about 10 years ago.  He loves the airport but is still upset with the way he died (perhaps feeling that it was preventable).  

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