Hammock House

St Petersburg, Fl – May 20, 2023

Background information:

This is a square-shaped house built in 1925. It is a 2-bedroom, 1 bath structure with no alterations done to the main structure. It has a detached garage. About 15 feet behind the house, across a small allyway, there is a very old cemetery.

The paranormal information on this house was very general, with little activity happening. One neighbor, who was present for the investigation, told us that a prior owner, S., had heard a male voice say “Hey!” very clearly when he was home alone. According to the neighbor, S. may have been a bit of a sensitive toward the supernatural.

A second event was while S. lived in the home. He was hosting a party and the group heard the door open but no one came in. The nighbor present at the investigation arrived at hte party a few minutes later. Everyone asked him if he had just come over and opened the door; he had not.

Current home owner reported having a dream where a male voice very loudly said “Hey!”. It was loud enough to wake her from a sleep, but she thought that it might be a dream.

Home owner does sage the front of the house to keep out negativity.

Her dog/dogs sometimes bark at nothing, but hard to tell if it is related to the paranormal. Sometimes they do see and bark at things outside that it takes a moment for the home owner to spot.

Investigation Notes:

EMF was at about a 1.5 to 2.0 for most of the house. The a/c was on, though a couple of investigators got chills during the investigation.

The primary phneomena was the theremin, which has been used for two to three other investigations and is a relatively new device to our group. The theremin is approximately 2 x 2 inches and is used by some paranormal teams to build a REM pod. We have kept ours as is. It was tested before the investigation and no odd behavior happened. However, on the investigation the device went off four seperate times by itself.

The device was set up in the master bedroom on the home owner’s bed. The only people in the home were the three SPIRITS memebers doing the investiation. Two dogs, the home owner, and three friends (2 of whom were neighbors) were outside in the backyard. There is no way for them to get back into the home without alerting the SPIRITS members due to the house’s realtive small size, the placement and noise of the doors and the doggy doors with in the house.

Brandy had just palced the theremin in the bedroom. She went out with the other two investigators to get her cell phone (set in airplane mode) in order to document via photograph where the device was placed. As she walked into the small hallway before the master bedroom, the device began to go off by itself. She immediately called the other two spirits members who documented where she was standing (she stopped moving when the theremin went off). Members then docuemnted that the bedroom was empty. Brandy retraced her footsteps and returned the same way to see if vibrations could have set off the device. Nothing happened. Investigaotrs went into the bedroom and tested the device. In order to get any sound from it, a hand had to be held approximately 2 – 4 inches away from the device. As the team gathered out in the dining room to discuss, the theremin again sounded. Brandy caught a small clip of it (just the end of the note) on her cell phone video. All three SPIRITS members are shown together and the bedroom is empty.

As discussion about the device ensued, the members remained gathered in the dining room. The theremin went off again. This time, the members had set up a video camera facing the bedroom to record any phenomena (to be reviewed at the time of the making of the page). The members noted the time, 6:08 PM, in an effort to time the sounds in case it was something that could be explained. As we discussed this, the device went off again for the second time in the same minute. For the rest of the night, it made no noise despite remaining in the same location.

Home owner and friends were invited, at the end of the investiation, to test the device for themselves. It behaved normally. To date, there is no explaination for these events. This is the first time that the device has logged activity.

Investigation Notes:

Living room:

Nancy noted that the living room was the quietest room of the house. During the investigation she surmised that the homeowner saged that room and not the rest of the house. (Home owner did say that she saged). After the investigation, the home owner verified that she did not sage the house more than once, but often saged the front door to keep out negativity.

Nancy said that the dining room had a sence of an energy wall; there was a pathway that sort of slammed up against the energy barrier in the living room. She speculated during hte investigation that there was a lei line or some other pathway coming from outside and into the house, edning at the wall dividing dining room from living room.

The kitchen, however, had no activity/feelings, nor did the back porch. Nancy did note that both parts of the house felt different energy wise.

In the master bedroom, Nancy and Carissa picked up on a woman’s energy:

Female, grief, baby Jonathan died, 5 months, looking for child, husband remarried and moved off. Last (name VT sound. Impression that the woman and baby were not buried together, and that she is looking for her child.

A second entity was male, angry. His name had sounds with v….str…. in them. He died younger, but was angry because a woman (not the one mentioned above) had “friend zoned” him, when he was deeply in love with her. He was not associated with the house as much, but possibly came from the nearby cemetery.

The Theremin went off around this time. Nancy picked up then on another man, Henry, and the number 33 (either his age, a date, we are unsure). The nearest row of headstones in the cemebery behind the house were errected with burials from 1933, but there has not been a name match to date.

Henry possibly lived in thehouse.  His end was odd. He went out drinking with a friend, was slightly inebrieted but not intoxicated, but when his friend clapped him on the back/shoulder/arm, he lost his balance and fell. He hit his head and died. (During this part of the investigation, we did ask how he died. When we asked if it was murder, the needle spiked). 

Outside in the backyard, by the gate, is a huge lei line energy from cemetery. Home owner was recommended to set up some sort of item to block that energy, which came into the house to the dining room. Other recommendations included saging the whole house more regularly. (The house guest did sage the home while we were talking with the home owner just to be sure).

Research of the proprty did not find names matching those picked up during the investigation. However, it also showed no crime reproted on the property. There was only one event listed in the St. Petersburg Times archives and it was a notification of a social/charity event being held at the house. That was all we could find.

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