Canines and Canine-Like Creatures

Shadow Dog
Submitted: October 4, 2013

This happened some odd years ago. I was outside with my sister’s black lab. I saw a black dog shape in the corner of my eye. I turned toward it and it was gone. I just assumed it was the lab. But when I called for him, he came running from the opposite direction. I initially thought perhaps it was my dog who was recently deceased but I’m not sure. Perhaps it was a shadow animal…whatever a shadow animal truly is. 

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Early Morning Event
submitted: August 2, 2013

Tonight at about 12:43am, I was closing up my windows and I normally don’t look outside, I usually just look into my room, but tonight for some odd reason I looked out and when I looked out I saw this shadow of a dog figure, I ran downstairs, got my dad and we went outside, (this was all done within 30sec. to 1min) when we got outside there was nothing. I stood in the exact same spot the “shadow” was in and I couldn’t believe my eyes. There was no site of it anywhere. If it had run away I would have seen it but it like vanished completely. I made my dad stay outside and I ran back up to my room and looked out the window to make sure it wasn’t anything just on the ground, which I was hoping it was, but I was wrong it was a shadow. I am convinced it was a shadow of a medium sized dog. I also just lost my dog 3 years ago and my mom thinks it was him as like a guardian, but I have no clue. Does it mean something evil or no? Because I was reading some other sites and apparently it means something evil but some other sites say otherwise. I have never experienced anything like this before and it had totally creeped me out. Any answers? 

You can also identify me as Amie. 🙂 

Thank you for taking the time to read this. 

Haunted Cabin and Peackock-Tail Canine
Submitted: July 2013

I found your site doing some research for one of my daughters. She and her step-mom have seen a shadow animal but there’s no description I can find that matches this animal. She describes it as a big dog with a peacock shaped tail. Her dad has a small trailer on a lake that they just acquired for cheap and we’re beginning to suspect why: It’s badly “haunted”. My daughter is getting ready to do a cleansing with Sage and Lavender. It’s at this location that she and her step-mom took a walk down the road. They saw this shadow animal as I’ve described above, off in the woods. They’ve also heard growling while back at the trailer. They have no animals at that location. No dogs, certainly. At home they have cats, no dogs. 

The location is at Smith Mountain Lake, in Virginia. I’m trying to find some information about murders in that area or other hauntings reported but no luck as of yet. We’re not sure if the shadow animal is related to the hauntings at the trailer or not. The two hauntings that they know for sure are there are a little girl of about 5 and a man that my daughter has heard saying, “Oh shit! Help me!” Groaning as if in extreme pain, him walking slowly down the hallway. Feelings of being watched. There’s a spot down at the dock that has bad feelings attached as well and my daughter refuses to go in the water in that location. The shore drops straight off to about 25 ft of water at that location. She associates it with the little girl and feels very strongly that this little girl, something very bad happened to her. The man either was ill or had been murdered is what she said it feels like. As I said, they’re going to smudge with Sage and Lavender and then see what goes on. She is convinced there’s many more spirits there than they are actually aware of. There’s one room she cannot go in. She said it fills her with panic, her heart beats fast, she feels like she needs to hide, like she’s going to have a panic attack, all kinds of not nice feelings.

If you have any information about the animal, like what it might be or represent we’d appreciate knowing. Or pointed in the right direction to research this phenomena. 

Feel free to identify me as Barbara.

Thanks for your time and your site!

Black Dog Experience…?
Submitted: April 30, 2012

i have been searching for quite some time to see if anyone else has posted anything about seeing a black doglike figure on the highway of topeka ks and find nothing. your website comes closest to what i had seen and the only way i can bring it to realization.
in 2008ish my mother and i were coming home from a night of bingo. my mother was driving which means i must have been extremely tired (she never drives) as were coming down the highway i see a black doglike figure in the road. i said nothing to my mom since i was a heavy pot smoker and this “thing” had no legs, its like it was floating across the highway. it had the body of a dog but much larger in size than the average dog, no legs, and it never turned to look at us. she slowed down but never breaked. there was no way we didnt hit it!!! it was moving much too slow for us not to but it just disappeared in the driver side headlight.

again i was a heavy pot smoker and didnt want to tell my mom i was seeing things but right as it disappeared, my mom say “did you see that?” my reply of course was, “you seen it too!!!!”

of course everyone jokes and says my mom had a contact but this website helps me believe we are not crazy!

Black Dog Experience
submitted: April 20, 2013

I came across your page trying to find out information on an experience I had a few years ago. I notice that you updated with a story quite recently and I would like to share mine. 

It was probably 3 years ago now. I had just finished watching a late night movie, probably 1:30am.. it was a warm and sticky night so I walked out my front door for some fresh air and was just standing on my driveway next to the mailbox staring into the night sky. As i looked back down I noticed a black shadowy figure, about the size of a medium dog wandering the street (probably 25m away). I called out to it simply ‘hey buddy are you lost’. The head turned with red glowing eyes, it growled then instantly bolted in a straight line towards me. I never ran so fast towards my front door and as I was about 2 steps away from the door I heard this shadow dog slam into the mailbox that I was standing next to when I called out. I closed the door behind me quicker than lightning and looked back out across the lawn. There was nothing. I was left with the biggest chills I have ever experienced. Whatever it was didnt like the fact that i had seen it. The next morning I discovered a dent and bite mark in my mailbox! 
Still gives me chills to this day. ​

new house and new house pet
submitted: March 2, 2013 with permission

I just moved in to a new home.
A visitor told me she saw a shadow run past her. The shadow was low to the ground.
One time I saw something low to the ground, black in color, race past me. My first thought was it was a flasher in my eye or perhaps a mouse.
I saw it again in the very same area.
Tonight I saw it for the third time, same area, same thing.
It was like a shadow cat or small dog running past my bedroom towards the stairs.
At this point I had to call my daughter’s friend who had also witnessed something.
To my surprise she described the exact same thing in the exact manner I did and gave me the exact description!
My daughter told me the very same thing!
Neither one of us felt anything negative or bad energy.
We will keep an eye out and get back to you.

White shadow animal

 I’m not sure exactly what it was but a few years back I was driving down a country road just as it was getting dark . The road was surrounded by fields aside from a small patch of woods that it split in two . As I approached the woods I saw what looked like a white dog or coyote running along the edge of the woods toward the road . It crossed the road in front of me but I couldn’t quite make out what it was . I watched it continue running off into the field when it suddenly looped up in the air and flew back across just inches from my windshield like some sort of bird . I still couldn’t make out what the heck it was but it scared the crap out of me .

shadow dog
submitted with permission December 26, 2012
submitted by: Rebecca

My name is Rebecca, I have been searching and searching for an answer for what this shadowy dog like figure was and then I found your sight here’s my story;

It was around five or six years ago when i saw one the first time. There was a construction sight right behind my school and thus a big mound of dirt. So anyway I turned toward the construction sight and saw what looked like a dog run really, really fast across the mound. The dog was very shadowy looking very difficult to describe, I didnt get a scared feeling though, it seemed it was chasing away evil not creating it. I asked my friend beside me if she saw something in the construction sight and she said she did for a split second, she said she saw a black wolf like figure moving very fast, this freaked me out but not as much as what happened next. I went up to a person I normally never talked to and I asked her if she’s seen anything strange and she asked me if I had seen the fast creature as well.

I now see them frequently around my home (outside it).
I do not think they are evil from my experience they seem to be like guardians, please let me know if you discover more about them.

No Header

I’m wondering if you could help me. I hadn’t thought much of it till I saw this “shadow thing” again tonight.
When I was younger I saw a black shadow the shape of a dog (side view) on my mums landing near the stairs, it did not dart off or disappear it just stood there as if it wanted me to know it was there, it turned it’s head to me but the dog’s face was just black no facial feature or nothing and then walked in the direction of the bathroom but when I went to look nothing was there.
I’d not seen anything like this in ages since a couple of weeks back I’m pretty sure it looked like a really large rat run across the top of bathroom cupboards, then just vanished it didn’t scare me as I thought nothing of it and joked about it.
However tonight it happened again in the bathroom I was sat on the toilet (very flattering) on Facebook and saw this black “thing” at the side of me when I turned to look it vanished. To me it looked like it went into the cupboards draw but through it!! These thing’s I’m seeing are not making me sacred or uneasy but curious.
I told my mum about what I see she told me the last person who lived in this house messed about with the boards you try to speak with spirits (sorry don’t know the correct word for it)

It would be great if I could hear back from you! Thanks (also it can be put onto your blog)

premonition, warning or shadow?
submitted february 21, 2012

Hi Brandy, Thank you so much for your quick response. I very much appreciate it! Yes you have my permission to use my experience, i hope it helps some one else to understand also in some way. I hope i can figure out what message this big guys trying to relate. I been thinking alot about this whole thing. Talking to my mom this morning i was reminded of a dream i kept having the summer of 09 i was planning my wedding and for months i kept having a dream about a dog that looked the same. All this dog kept doing was barking towards me, i knew he wasnt happy not at me but it looked like he was trying to warn me or snarling at something behind me. This went on for months. i told my neighbor about the dream. She got her dream book out and read it to me. Something about not being able to trust someone. I left it at a dream and a huh?!? Looking back in retrospect Brandy, i think this was the same dog. And this was while i was planning my wedding. Thanks for your advice and time. Sincerely, Lorrie. (Part II)My name is Lorrie. I am 46 years old. This is bothering me so much, that I figured I  should do research about it. It is not something you can really ask people about. Here is my question i hope you can help explain what happened to me. A few weeks before this past Christmas to maybe a month before. I would see out of the corner of my eye a dog, just kinda of in the distance watching me, with a unintimadating energy to it. It would happen to me outside of my house. Like when driving with my husband it happened the most as a passenger. Sometimes the dog would be off in the distance running along the same way we would be going. I thought I was losing it at first. But it didn’t stop happening, so i surrendered to it. I tried to figure out what,or who was trying to relay to me. I cannot figure this out. Than I  stopped seeing him. I say him because it felt like a male dog to me. I have had a dog for its lifetime since I was born. My husband and I have rescued in the past. Someone actually called us a few days before Christmas asking for our help to find a no kill shelter for a pitt mix. We have two rescued pitt mixes our selves. And a cat plus a parrot who is sixteen years old. 

Shadow man with chihuahua
submitted july 28, 2011

I wanted to share with you an update on the activity at work. I went in yesterday to find my friend and maintenance person physically shaken. She saw a shadow of a man walk past the door. She went to check it out and there was a small dog “like a chihuaua” walking past also. She described the man as a shadow figure, but the dog seemed to be solid and looked directly at her and walked away. She opened the door to get a closer look and there was nothing there. Every worker (except one) has come to me to report paranormal activity. Many have seen the shadow figure of a man and felt the poke of a child. We have witnessed doors opening by themselves, heard unseen babies crying, and electronic devices that go off by themselves. This is the first report of an animal spirit on the property.

Shadow Animal That did not Flee
April 13, 2011
Submitted and posted with permission.

I was looking up shadow animals and a site came up for yours and I looked at shadow animal traits and saw that It said they flee when seen. but the shadow animal I saw did not. I was sitting on the back of a car In the woods at about 9:00 PM with my brother and cousin driving the car (I was on the back of a different car) In the woods. I had heard a sound and I looked over to the woods, nothing was there,I saw something In the corner of my eye the dog-like shape was sitting there watching the car,as soon as It saw I had seen It,It looked directly at me,I watched It for about 10 seconds before I jumped off the back of the car an ran to the other I looked back It was gone.and It was closer to me than the woods. about 5 to 10 minutes later I went back out In the woods with 2 friends.(I was driving the car) we were driving for about 3 minutes when they saw a “white” shadow person In the back of the car I had been sitting on I thought they were messing around since I was younger,so I drove half way In the woods,and shut off the car.then they saw the white shadow people first then I I looked closer while screaming with them I saw about 10 white shadow people In a circle formation around the white shadow dog-like shape I had saw before. and to this day I am still freaked out by It. (but they only saw 1 shadow person,and I saw 10 along with the dog shape)

Addendum:  and now that I think about it I also saw wolf shaped shadow animals but they were black not white and it was during the day. it was like they were watching me or acting like normal wolves. but I could tell they weren’t. I couldn’t see their eyes but the outline of them.and they had a lot of thick hair standing up on their neck when they saw I had seen them. and they fled immediately. but as I went back to the house I could hear them following me. and when I reached the front yard it sounded as though they stopped and wouldn’t or “couldn’t” come forward anymore. and while running it sounded like they were just going through trees instead of around them.

Two Shadow Sights
February 28, 2011
Submitted by Sunny. Posted with permission.

Thanks for the site. Yesterday upon getting out of my car for work, I experienced a shadow animal the size of a bear rush by me quickly.  It was dense and dark and had a huffing sound to it.  It passed quickly like a shadow person.   I had a similar experience a few years back in an old farmhouse we lived in where I believe a doppleganger spirit of my dog “white-clear” rushed into our room and under our bed while I was reading children stories to my two kids.  I quickly jumped from the bed and the story to look under the bed. -Sunny

The gray-black wolf-dog
February 1, 2010

All of my children have claimed to have either seen or experienced something paranormal in this house, so I don’t know if it is the house, or what. Last night, i went to bed at 11PM. I usually fall asleep within an hour, but i was having a lot of pain in my shoulders, so I sat up against my pillows and watched TV. It was exactly 2:55am and I was watching Saving Grace on tv when suddenly a big gray and black dog ran past my bed, around the bottom, turned around and went back out the door. I have a german Shepherd, but I knew it was not her-not by size or color. It was dark-and I never saw its head or face it went so fast. At first i thought my oldest son had let his girlfriend bring a dog in our house so I yelled to him “Adam! There is a dog running through my bedroom!! Why is there a dog in here?” he must have been right outside my bedroom door, because he immediately answered me and said, “Mom. There is no dog in the house. Jada is asleep right here in the hallway.” I looked to see MY dog asleep on the hall floor. I thought then I had been asleep and woke up out of a dream. I looked at the tv and Saving grace WAS on. The clock now said 2:59 am. So now I am thinking I am hallucinating..but the time was running on the clock and the tv show was still on and I know I heard the animal run through-I didnt just see it. I could not go back to sleep and I am still awake now. I have not been able to do anything all day except wonder what happened here. That is how upset i am about this. I have seen my furniture move and heard voices, and felt someone hug me when there was no one there, but THIS scared me. I actually SAW and HEARD an animal right NEXT to me! I do not drink, and I am not a junkie. I could brush it off if I was. I just want someone to tell me what it was and why it was here. I did not feel scared by it. I just was left with WHY. I watch a lot of paranormal shows, but this site was the only one who talked about animals. I have a fascination with wolves. I have many collectible wolves, and I donate to Defender’s of Wildlife to protect them, along with other animals, but i love wolves. I have a tatoo of a wolf on my leg. I thought maybe it was a wolfe instead of a dog? 

Lisa W., Florida

Note:  To clarify, I did ask if she saw the face of the animal: 
Response: I did not ever the see the face-it was moving away from me at first, and too fast when it came back around. I saw the back of its head, but no part of the face. I would be honored for you to post the story. 

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