SPIRITS member in Iowa

SPIRITS member in Iowa

May 28, 2023 Uncategorized 0

It was a whirlwind trip through Des Moines, Iowa, for SPIRITS founder Brandy Stark. She had been invited to speak at DemiCon, a sci fi convention in its 25th year. Leaving her home filled with pets, and as a primary caretaker for her mother, the trip was a challenge. A house/pet sitter stayed the 35 hours that she was gone for both the pets and in case of emergency with her mother. Brandy spent as much time in Des Moines as she did on the plane — literally leaving and flying up for 6 hours, doing three presentations (Upcycled art, wire wrapping demonstration, and a talk on Ghosts in Space utilizing gernal popular sci fi references to ghosts and discussing if a ghost could be produced in space). The convention very much reminder Brandy of her home convention, Necronomincon, where she has been a guest speaker and attendee since 1998.

As the trip was so fast, Brandy narrowed down two spots to check out. One was an old cemetery that multiple websites and people from the area pointed out as being haunted. The other was the Des Moines airport, which has a ghostly stewardess who shows up in the Cloud Room from time to time.

Sadly, there was little time to do much investigating but she did still manage to make a video (plus got a quick check ofthe Cloud Room before her return flight). Check itout here:

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