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For many years, I have been fascinated with Shadow People — mysterious entities that paranormalists still attempt to define and understand.  As a paranormal investigator, I am still intrigued with, and rather unnerved by, these enigmatic creatures.  Despite this interest, I have never directly seen a shadow person (which may be to my relief).  I have, however, seen a shadow ANIMAL.  My story goes as such:

I was doing an investigation with with a paranormal team. The homeowner, a mother with young children, complained of activity from the master bedroom/bath.  The SPIRITS investigated and believed that we had found a vortex (a portal where entities can cross through) in this area.  Two members on the team believed that it was possible to close the vortex.  We had homeowner permission to proceed. (We have not done this since this one investigation).

Members were stationed in various parts of the room to aid with the closing of the portal.  I was to stand in the entrance way to the bathroom.  I had my video camera with me and raised it to record the proceedings.  Suddenly, I saw this bobcat-sized creature bolting toward me.  It had a curved back held in the posture of a raccoon. I saw that it had a rounded head, though I could not see the face.  I only saw the top of the head, neck, back, and part of the sides of the thing.  I knew that it had a cat-like tail, and that it was black with black spots (how I knew this, I cannot say).  It moved so fast that I dropped the camera and stepped backwards to avoid it, but it was long past me and gone in an instant.

Naturally, no one else saw this and nothing showed up on the camera (it manifested under the area where I was filming and moved so fast that I could not turn to capture it).  For years, I wondered if I was the only one who had this experience, or maybe if I simply imagined the whole thing.  However, that did not stop me from talking about it.  Recently, I read an article on a yahoo paranormalist list about shadow animals.  A short time later, another paranormal investigation resulted in a member spying two small shadows that moved quickly along the floor and behind a bed before vanishing. At last, I had an answer!

In the meantime, I had taken a stronger interest in animals and the paranormal — animal ghost stories.  I began work on an internet blog radio show, Paranormal Pets at  This brought me to host an episode with Sue Fowler, a long-time expert on shadow people.  In discussing shadow animals with her, I learned that they have a range of manifestations, though some similarities.  

However, to date, there was no web page known to me that discussed the topic for further study. With Sue’s blessing, I decided to start the Shadow Animals Page as a place where these stories can be studied and compared, and observations made.  My hope is to gather other shadow animal stories, which appear to be quite rare, and to post them in one location.  I also wish to gather research information and theories on on shadow animals to post for further understanding of these creatures.

So, introductions aside, welcome to The Shadow Animals page! 

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