Shadow Animal Traits

Similarities between sightings:

*Nearly every shadow animal has the distinction of being described as “cat-like” or of possessing cat-like characteristics.  Some report that shadow animals appear to be a hybrid between a cat and some other creature.

*They always move incredibly quickly.  They are usually realized by the viewer after they are spotted and have left the area.

*Several stories have a sense of flight to them.  The shadow animal is seen, then realizing it is seen suddenly flees.  Other cases describe shadow animals as running through a location — as if scampering through.

*Unlike shadow people, shadow animals do not leave harboring feelings of negativity.  They may leave a sense of surprise, and possibly urgency to flee, but they do not appear malicious.

*The intent of shadow animals is unknown.  Some believe that they are animal souls passing through to the next phase (i.e., reincarnation, etc.), but there is simply no known pattern as to who spots them, when, why, or what seeing a shadow animal means.

*Rarely is the face of the animal seen or reported.  Usually, general features of the body are noticed but the face is missing, faded, or obscured.

Differences between sightings:

*The size of a shadow animal can vary from small mice-like shapes to one report of a bear-sized manifestation.

*The types of animal characteristics usually involve a cat, but also those of other animals.  Some include dog-like, crab-like, monkey-like, rabbit-like, and raccoon-like descriptions.

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