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Submitted: January 23, 2021

The night before last which would have been 1/22/21, my husband and I saw a small black animal run across the floor. We put our little black dog to sleep on this past New Years Eve. We did not see her face or front paws, but she ran across our kitchen towards the bedrooms. We.discussed what we saw immediately because I jumped up in pursuit of it. We agreed that we saw the exact same thing and it had to have come out of the wall. We believe it was our dear little Kahlua. My husband is freaked out by it and I am trying to stay calm. I want to believe that it was her, but afraid of trickery from something else. I am still grieving badly and my husband thinks that Kahlua came for me to show that she is ok.

This was also discussed by the SPIRITS of St. Petersburg on a Paranormal Pets episode.

Note Sent: December 2020

Subject: Shadow Animals

I found your site while trying to find information on this subject online, after seeing a couple for myself. Just thought I would let you know what I witnessed to add to your compilation.
A little after eleven o’clock at night, I was watching tv with the lights off when I saw in my peripheral vision to the right of me a black shadow about the size of a regular sized house cat, on the floor. What I saw was not definely shaped. As soon as I noticed it and turned to focus on what it was I saw, it was gone. About 30 minutes later I saw a black shadow, about the same size again with my peripheral vision but this time to my left and once again when I turned to focus on it the shadow was gone. I am not sure if what I saw was the same thing or two different beings. 
I do not recall ever experiencing this before and I did not get any sort of a feeling other than being somewhat startled to see something unexpected. I am sensitive and I usually know when an entity is near me and I can feel what type of energy it is, whether negative or positive, but I felt neither from this.

Just was something new so thought I’d look into it. I will be curious to learn anything you might could tell me about this.

Note:  The SPIRITS of St. Petersburg discussed this entry via Paranormal Pets on

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